Irish websites too slow for online shoppers in 2019, report finds

Irish websites too slow for online shoppers in 2019, report finds

Last Updated: January 8, 2019

irish website speed report

NEED FOR SPEED: Managing Director AGENT Digital, Kevin Meaney, at international race circuit Mondello Park, Co Kildare, for the launch of ‘Ireland’s Web Speed Report’, which highlights that online shoppers are waiting up to three times too long at Irish website tills.
Image Credit: AGENT Digital


Online shoppers are abandoning Irish websites that are too slow to serve them, and will continue to do so in 2019 unless businesses tackle the delays, according to a new national report on business website speed.

‘Ireland’s Website Speed Report’ shows that as online shoppers try to fill their baskets, Irish eCommerce retail websites are taking an average of 10.35 seconds to fully load pages onto smartphones and tablets.

Time-pressed shoppers will wait only a fraction of this time before taking their business elsewhere, especially during busy sales periods, according to the report’s authors, leading digital agency AGENT Digital.


irish website speed report

UP TO SPEED: ‘Ireland’s Website Speed Report’ by leading digital AGENT Digital warns that online shoppers will click away from websites that take longer than three seconds to load onto mobile devices.
Image Credit: AGENT Digital


AGENT Digital boss, Kevin Meaney, stated: “53% of people will leave a mobile web page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.” [Google]

Meaney described “Ireland’s Website Speed Report” as a “wake-up call” for Irish retailers to ensure their websites are fast enough to serve time-pressed shoppers this year.

Ireland’s most comprehensive website speed report, the study was compiled by AGENT Digital using Google’s web performance and speed test tools to test the speed of 1,081 Irish websites across 29 business sectors over a 12-month period.


irish website speed report

SPEEDING AHEAD: Leading digital agency AGENT Digital aims for website page loading times of under 3 seconds. “Faster loading time means fewer delays for online shoppers, which boosts customer satisfaction and sales,” says AGENT Digital boss, Kevin Meaney.
Image Credit: AGENT Digital


The Irish eCommerce (general) retail sector was the slowest of the business sectors surveyed in the report. And online shoppers will face an average waiting time of almost 8 seconds across all business sectors, according to the study.

Meaney said this was not swift enough in a market where “more than 64% of Irish people are searching and more than 16% are purchasing goods and services online through mobile devices every week”. [Statista]

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Infographic: Ireland’s Website Speed Report

irish website speed report

Ireland’s Website Speed Report – Ireland’s Fastest & Slowest Websites By Business Sector
Infographic Credit: AGENT Digital


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