Video Q&A with John MacNamara, BCM Corporate

Video Q&A with John MacNamara, BCM Corporate

Last Updated: December 1, 2020

JOHN MacNamara founded BCM Corporate in Limerick, Ireland, in 1993, as a cost management consultancy for organisations of all sizes

“Increasing profitability for clients gives me a real buzz…”

BCM Corporate started life as—and continues to be—a ‘small business’, but its distinctive ‘no foal no fee’ business consultancy nature has gained traction beyond Limerick and, indeed, Ireland. Just over two decades since its foundation, the BCM Corporate brand is active in 16 countries

The company’s website was developed by the web development team at AGENT Digital™, and can be viewed at

BCM corporate’s USP is right upfront in the company’s branding — “We increase your organisation’s profits. No result, no charge…” In other words, if the clients of BCM Corporate do not make savings and improve profitability, then BCM Corporate does not receive a fee.

Company founder and chief executive John MacNamara freed up some time in his busy schedule to speak with AGENT Digital™ about BCM Corporate, and how the AGENT Digital™ team helped to create the new online platform that is helping John and his team to achieve their business goals.

BCM Corporate has an intensive focus not only on recommendations for cost management and reduction, but also on implementation. John MacNamara and his team pride themselves on going the crucial step beyond simply submitting a report full of recommendations for saving money, which they regard as being of little or no value to the client. The BCM Corporate differentiator is that its teams work closely with clients to ensure that cost management recommendations are fully implemented.

The BCM Corporate guarantee of ‘No Savings… No Charge’, combined with a fee structure based on a percentage of savings identified ensures that the cost of our service will always be significantly less than the savings found. At the core of the model is the elimination of any risk to the client in engaging the company to review business costs. Further information and contact details to organise a free, no obligation review are available on the BCM Corporate website.


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