Kit Kat vs Oreo Twitter showdown

Kit Kat vs Oreo Twitter showdown

Last Updated: March 28, 2013

KitKat and Oreo had a showdown! Well, sorta. On the 13th of March, Kit Kat challenged Oreo to a tic-tac-toe battle. This was for the attention and the affections of a Laura Ellen, or @laura_ellenxx on Twitter. The public showdown started with Laura posting the following tweet

To which Kit Kat responded with: 

The move on Kit Kats part was fantastic marketing, actually. If it had gone the way it was looking at this point, most of their following would be watching the epic battle between the snack-food brands. It had at this point already gotten a bit of public attention, but beyond that and above all, it made one customer very happy.

Oreo however got the last word in and even created a hashtag to talk about their little showdown, actually very graceful in it’s rejection of the match. This was probably to solve any problems before they happened, as becoming the loser could have potentially damaged the brands reputation in some way. It was a very safe move.

Overall, Both Oreo and Kit Kat should be complimented for such fantastic and personable brand promotion and marketing. This is a great example of how to use Twitter effectively to really raise awareness and garner relationships with audiences. Though, an actual tic-tac-toe match between Oreo and KitKat would have been fun to see.


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