Microsoft pilot “Bing for Schools”

Microsoft pilot “Bing for Schools”

Last Updated: August 27, 2013

Microsoft’s running battle with Google entered new territory last Wednesday when the software giant took the fight to the classroom. The company are piloting a new program called “Bing for Schools” that will offer educational users of the search engine an ad free experience. Microsoft has signed up with a number of American school districts for the pilot and is offering Bing as a viable alternative to Google.

The move comes at a time of rising worldwide concern over how internet companies are tracking their user’s online movements to help dictate what ads the user is being targeted with. Microsoft will also offer schools free Surface tablets and course materials for teaching students about internet use. They hope the program will not only expose youngsters to Microsoft products but their teachers and parents also. Stefan Weitz, director of search at Bing Microsoft explains the rationale behind the program “We hope that we demonstrate the quality of Bing to teachers and students and also their parents, and once they see how good it is, we hope to see increased usage outside of schools too.”


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