Mobigeddon – Are you Ready For April 21st?

Mobigeddon – Are you Ready For April 21st?

Last Updated: April 1, 2015

Nothing can cause such a stir within SEO based companies as Google announcing a new algorithm update. These words together can cause panic due to the fact it will bring with it major changes to its algorithm. This update itself is quite a comprehensive one too as it will focus on the topic mobile searches. We look at what will be affected and what can be done.

In a statement from Google themselves they stated that “we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches… will have a significant impact in our search results“. This is quite beneficial to everyone as it’s basically stating that the search results are going to be more relevant. When will all this come into effect? On April 21st.

Google has always been an advocate for making mobile friendly websites as they have noticed the large amount of searches coming from mobile devices in recent years.

In the case of the algorithm itself, Google has been very quite and haven’t been very forthcoming with details. Some important details were revealed by Gary Illyes who looks after web trends within Google on what will be expected.

  1. Having a responsive design will not increase ranking position
  2. Must allow Googlebot to crawl sites CSS and JavaScript
  3. Must pass the ‘Mobile-friendly’ test
  4. Tablets wont be affected
  5. Mobile-frendilness depends not on sitewide but page level.


There’s Two Options to Adapt to Google’s New Terms.

Making a completely dedicated mobile website or enhance your existing website to be mobile responsive. This post will look at both options and give you the information to make a decision.


In terms of the design of the website the easiest option to choose would be the Dedicated Mobile Website(DMW). They’re easier for developers to build and in turn cost less to make.

Whereas a Mobile Responsive Design(MRD) is more of an investment for the long haul. In the sense when you decide to update the website you will need to on a DMW update in multiple parts of the website to cater to every device as a MRD just focuses on the one.

Making it Customisable

In terms of making adjustments to optimize the website for people, both are tricky. For a DMW there is less content to deal with but its main concern is screen width. With so many devices on the market there’s no way it could benefit to adapt to each size.

For a MRD a general command is given on the server and the devices that are viewing it adapt to the changes in the CSS files themselves. This means that the MRD is literally directing the device on how to display the screen.

Search Engine Optimisation

In terms of SEO, which is very important, the main point for both websites is to have unique content and avoid duplicating content from other sites. Utilize canonical tags in relation to DMW but make sure that it does not clash with the canonical tags in the desktop site.

E-commerce & Sales

In terms of e-commerce and sales a DMW will fare much better. A more personal layout will keep a potential customer on-site as the layout is easier to navigate and feels safer.


A Dedicated Mobile Website will benefit you by:

  1. having a more personal feel to your customers
  2. generally cheaper to produce,
  3. less content is needed to be produced
  4. leads to high conversion and sales rates


While a Mobile Responsive Design is more suitable for:

  1. long haul websites that will need to be constantly updated
  2. less focus on the content for the website,
  3. less money spent on customizing the website
  4. and easily available to all types of devices.

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