Video Q&A with Leonie Lynch of

Video Q&A with Leonie Lynch of

Last Updated: December 1, 2020

LIMERICK fitness instructor Leonie Lynch, has a reputation for passionate innovation that shines through every page of her new workout website, developed by AGENT Digital,

The slick new website will ultimately provide a stunning delivery platform for Leonie’s specially conceived range of online Pilates classes and bespoke movement courses, for members only, which she will be launching next October, and which will give her clients the flexibility to schedule workouts to their own timetables.

As a qualified fitness professional and personal trainer, Leonie’s business is guiding, teaching, instructing, coaching and educating people in and about movement.

She has an extensive range of credentials including Advance Pilates Mat and Reformer; and Animal Flow. Having trained with Jenny Burrell, the UK’s leading authority in women’s health, Leonie is also a qualified Functional Exercise Specialist in Pre-Natal Programming and Post Natal Assessment and Core Restore.

Leonie is also certified in Optimal Nutrition for Post-Natal Recovery and is currently training with Precision Nutrition Coaching.

Commissioned with developing the new workout website, the AGENT Digital team found that Leonie’s passion for knowledge and ongoing up-skilling was an inspiring ingredient in creating this strikingly visual platform that will enable the Limerick fitness instructor to grow her business online.

It has been a fantastic experience for the AGENT Digital team to work with a client who is so passionate about their industry, and we look forward to continuing to work with her to grow the Leonie Lynch brand online.

Leonie spoke to us shortly after the launch of the website to talk about her ideas for and how the AGENT Digital team helped her create the new online platform.



1. Briefly describe your business.

My business is about movement—guiding, teaching and educating people in and about it. My classes are based on the Pilates principles of control, centering, alignment, concentration, precision of movement, and flow. My courses have a broad range of other influences, including Animal Flow, yoga, kettlebells, bands, free weights, running, road-biking and spinning. I also specialise in pre- and post-natal exercise programming to help pregnant women prepare for birth and life with a newborn baby. I believe in continually learning and up-skilling, so my clients have the best-informed instruction and workouts.



2. What were your objectives when deciding on a new business website?

My objectives were to set up a fully functioning website enabling me to create an online business, with membership access for my clients, and highlighting my values and ethos in order to attract new clients. Ultimately my objective is for the site to have full e-commerce functionality, enabling me to collect injury waivers and new sign-ups online.



3. What has the feedback been like from your existing or new clients?

The feedback for the new website has been great. Everyone I’ve spoken to loves it, especially the design and the photography. They can see at a glance the amount of work that went into it from everyone.



4. What do you see as the key benefits of the website for your own organisation?

The new website helps me compete in my field and potentially earn an income when I am not in front of my clients teaching personally. This is really important for me now, as I’m expecting my second baby in January and will not be able to be personally present in my classes for a few months. This website will allow me to keep in touch with my clients from home.



5. Briefly describe how the AGENT Digital team helped you to finalise your vision for the website.

The AGENT Digital team are fantastic and so helpful. I’m very pleased with the feedback from clients, and that the hard work of the AGENT Digital team has helped to create a site reflecting me and my professional values.


Leonie Lynch website


The Leonie Lynch Ecommerce Website included the following AGENT Digital services:

High Quality Graphic Design

Website Design & Development

Easy to use Content Management System (CMS)

100% Mobile Responsive Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Ecommerce Functionality

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