New Snapchat Update ‘Discover’ Available

New Snapchat Update ‘Discover’ Available

Last Updated: January 28, 2015

The new Snapchat update has been released and introduces the ability for the company to possibly monazite from advertising. This isn’t the first time they’ve introduced e-commerce ideas into the app when a click-to-buy feature was experimented with.

Since its launch in 2011, the photo messaging app has become a massive part of the social media world and is ever-growing in numbers. It has over 100 million users which send over 400 million snaps daily all around the world. With such impressive numbers theres’ no surprise the company would introduce ways to create revenue.The update comes in the form of ‘Discover’.

While most of the features remain the same as before with the exception of the ability to see a users top friends being removed which has caused controversy with a large number of its users. The layout has changed too with a new page being added beside the stories page. Discover brings a new type of advertising that lasts, in Snapchat style, 24 hours before disappearing or replaced with something new. This is the same idea Snapchat have done before but now on a larger scale.

Media Companies that partnered with Snapchat include; Vice, National Geographic, CNN, ESPN, Yahoo News and Daily Mail. If the Discover is a success more companies are sure to follow and join.


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