Play for the Prize Fridays

Play for the Prize Fridays

Last Updated: June 26, 2013

We at AGENT Digital have taken to setting aside some time at the end of our busy and productive week to play a few rounds of sport.  Last Friday was the scene of a charming office event – including a cup, and a putter. We had four golfballs so figured that we would have four goes at the cup each. As the game was a surprise, few of us actually practiced our putting. Our results were hardly impressive, but we all had good fun and a lot of laughs.

Two of us, Doug and Hannah, got two out of four shots into the cup. The final between them was hardly intense, with good humour and a relaxed ambiance. When Hannah made the final shot, the cheers shot up. The winner of course received a prize; she had just won herself a voucher for La Cucino!  This week we’re looking forward to playing a few rounds of table tennis, having a few laughs, and maybe even winning the mystery prize.


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