Video Q&A with Deirdre Ui Chathmhaoil, Rí na Mara

Video Q&A with Deirdre Ui Chathmhaoil, Rí na Mara

Last Updated: December 1, 2020

Deirdre Ui Chathmhaoil is the founder and director of Ri na Mara, a family-owned and operated Irish seaweed cosmetics company whose products harness the power of the ocean and the natural environment to promote healthy, beautiful skin.

The AGENT Digital™ web design team recently unveiled the new and fully mobile-responsive e-commerce website that they designed and developed for Ri na Mara. Visit the site at to view the innovative cosmetics that the company is exporting to the global stage.

Ri na Mara’s unique range of natural, organic products is 100% Irish made, using seaweed harvested from along the west coast of Ireland, for the purity of the waters and the environment. The cosmetics company’s completely natural beauty products are packed with the benefits of seaweed, including vitamins A, B,C, D and E.

The organic seaweed and natural botanicals are full of healthy goodness, for the restoration of firmer and glowing skin, and a radiant, healthy appearance and feel.

It’s been a pleasure for AGENT Digital™ to work with Deirdre and her team on developing their new e-commerce website, and we’re delighted to hear that the platform has been helping Ri na Mara achieve its business goals. Speaking to our video crew recently, Deirdre said:

“With the new website … we’ve expanded our sales worldwide, and it has increased the domestic sales. I feel that everything on my wish-list was met…”

Deirdre was talking about the new website as part of an interview about the story of Ri Na Mara, her business goals and passions and what gives her most satisfaction as an entrepreneur.


Video Source: AGENT Digital™ YouTube Channel


The Ri Na Mara Website included the following AGENT Digital services:

Graphic Design

Website Design & Development


Easy to use Content Management System (CMS)

100% Mobile Responsive Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

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