The Top 3 Best Email Offers from Ecommerce Sites

The Top 3 Best Email Offers from Ecommerce Sites

Last Updated: September 18, 2014

A successful email campaign requires new and imaginative ideas and content to keep your subscribers interested. There are a few things you can do that can make your emails really pop. Here are a few examples of great email marketing from a few ecommerce companies.

Emphasize Content, Not Product Offers

While it may be true that your ultimate goal is to drive sales, subscribers get bored quickly with the same heavy push tactics. King Arthur Flour decided to change things up a bit when marketing their products through email. The flour company provided recipes and craft ideas with their emails, starting with the welcome email to new subscribers. This created expectations for the customers that the emails in the future would contain equally useful information, and they keep opening them up to find out more.

Use Animated Email Graphics

Bed Bath & Beyond recently included an animation for a blender in their email. The blender spun fruit around inside of it in the email and grabbed loads of attention. It was also a very interesting way to demonstrate a product. More and more ecommerce emails are featuring animation recently and for good reason, particularly if they are well rendered.

Use Bold Subject Lines

LOFT recently advertised their t-shirts in an email with an interesting subject line: ‘Five useful tricks for a T-shirt’. Even those who weren’t looking to buy a t-shirt might be enticed by a name like that. When they open the email, they might find it inspiring enough to make a purchase from them! Fun subject lines that aren’t what the customer expects can be great for getting subscribers to find out more.

Common Mistakes in Email Marketing

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