When Your Map Says “This Page Can’t Load Google Maps Correctly”

When Your Map Says “This Page Can’t Load Google Maps Correctly”

Last Updated: October 31, 2018

How frustrating is it when you’re looking for a business location on its website Google Maps, and you get a message telling you that this page can’t load Google Maps correctly? You’ll have noticed that this is happening quite a lot lately. The more eagle-eyed among you may have spotted it happening on your own sites.

Two things to note. Firstly, it is not anything that you are doing wrong, per se. It’s really all due to developments at Google’s end. Secondly, you will want to put it right so the problem is not passed on to your customers. That’s a potentially painful price you don’t want to pay..

The good news is that it is all part of Google’s bid to make a more secure web. You will be familiar with this if you’ve already looked into why your website now needs an SSL Certificate.

The bad news for some is that putting it right is quite a complex and time-consuming process. However, fixing the “This Page Can’t Load Google Maps Correctly” error message is best done sooner rather than later.


Why Am I Getting a Google Maps Error on My Website?

This is happening because Google has changed its rules concerning its API. An API is an Application Programming Interface. Every time you visit a page on the Internet, you’re interacting with an API on a remote server. It’s the part of the server that receives requests and sends responses. So in relation to Google Maps, your server and Google’s server are communicating about Google Maps.

Until June of 2018, the Google Maps API has been provided free for all. However, Google Maps now requires an API Key. If you started using Google Maps on your site on or subsequent to June 22, you must get an API Key. Older users are unaffected and that’s why it’s not everyone who is receiving the error messages.

Perhaps you’re concerned about Google perhaps charging for Maps. But the reality is that for most users, Maps will remain free. Larger companies (and please bear in mind that most local small businesses will never reach the threshold where a fee is applicable) will become liable for a $1.60 per thousand hits over 100,000 views. It’s a modest amount, Google gets paid by those using it most, and the service remains free for the vast majority. Win-win-win!

However, the question remains: how can you fix it so that this error is not displaying on your Web pages? Here is a quick 7 step process.


How to Fix the Error Message ‘This Page Can’t Load Google Maps Correctly’ – 7 Easy Steps

1. Open the Google Maps Platform: you may or may not have an error message with a link that redirects you to where you can fix it. Either way, open the Google Maps Platform, by clicking here, then click ‘Get Started’ on the top right.

2. Select a Product in the Pop-Up Window: You’ll be offered a choice of Maps, Routes, or Places. Choose Maps and click Continue.

3. Enable Billing: Please remember that if you are a small to medium enterprise-owner, you’ll likely never be liable for any fee. You need to click ‘Create Billing Account to proceed to the next step.

4. Enter Credit Card information: if you are creating a brand new Google account for your business, you must enter your credit card details to proceed.

[NB – there are three steps remaining, but at this point, we would recommend you call AGENT Digital for assistance with embedding your Google Maps API Key onto your website.]

5. Keep Your API Key Secure: be sure to encrypt the key or otherwise secure the number. For help, click the link: ‘To improve your app’s security, restrict this key’s usage in the API Console.’

6. Restrict Usage of Your API Key: under the tab headed Application Restrictions, click the button HTTP referrers (web servers, cron jobs, etc.). Below the Application Restrictions area, and a sub-header—’Accept requests from these HTTP referrers (web sites)‘—type your website name in the blank window, using the example displayed as guidance. When you press Save, your API is secured.

7. Enter API Key on Your Website: At this stage, you will need to paste the API Key into your WordPress dashboard.


Need Help?

To finalise your fix of the This Page Can’t Load Google Maps Correctly error message, once you’ve completed steps 1-4 above, call AGENT Digital today and we can help you embed your Google Maps API onto your company’s website.


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