Top 3 KPIs for Email Marketing

Top 3 KPIs for Email Marketing

Last Updated: April 30, 2014

Marketers and customers agree that email marketing is certainly effect. That being said, not every email marketing campaign is a complete success. Learning which messages work can improve performance, increase customer satisfaction, and in the end, make you more money. Here’s three key product indicators (KPIs) that can help you to improve your email marketing campaigns.

Click Rate

The Click Rate is a measure of the percentage of recipients who open and click on a link in your business’ email. Click rate doesn’t measure whether these individuals converted, but rather how enticing the email was. To measure this KPI, email service providers use the total of unique clicks and divide that with the amount of tracked opened emails. The result is ‘clicks per open’. Multiply your clicks-per-open by 100 to get the percentage.

Site Traffic

Many users will read an email, say on their phone, and wait for a while before viewing your website. You shouldn’t expect changes in site traffic to be immediate. Wait for a few hours before checking back to your site traffic and note the changes since the email was sent.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the percentage of an email’s recipients who see your email, click into it and follow through with a purchase or other meaningful interaction on your site. The recipients with the highest quality interactions can be quantified through this metric. Two systems together collect the conversion rate data. Email providers can monitor emails being opened and clicked, while analytics are employed to monitor the behavior of the customer on your company’s site.

Why Email Marketing?

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