3 eCommerce Solutions for Businesses

3 eCommerce Solutions for Businesses

Last Updated: May 7, 2019

Although technology continues to dominate and impinge further into the business world and business-customer relations and transactions, eCommerce remains a tricky subject for many small business owners. Finding the right eCommerce solutions and getting the best website design for SMEs can be extremely tough given the all-consuming nature of getting a business off the ground and keeping it afloat in the vital early years.

As if that were not enough, eCommerce is an ever changing, ever evolving thing, putting business owners under even more pressure to experiment and try different approaches to ensure their online operations will not fail.

“Over-developed websites are slow to load. This directly impacts conversion rates. No matter how cute the treatment, if your home page requires a ‘Loading’ message, you’re probably in trouble.” – Brian Massey

To help businesses, this week, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 eCommerce solutions and strategies for businesses. This will help bring clarity to some of the questions you’ll be asking while planning and running your eCommerce store, such as: what is important in your business? What do shoppers want to see on your website? What will bring in sales? What is effective marketing for an online store?


eCommerce Solutions – 3 Tips for Businesses

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eCommerce Solutions 1 - Excellent Visual & Written Content

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eCommerce Solutions 2 - Clear, Simple Website Layout

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eCommerce Solutions 3 - Get Optimised & Be Seen Online

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Before getting into too much detail, it’s useful to consider eCommerce as a push-pull phenomenon, requiring a balanced approach between layered complexity of thinking and simplicity of presentation. As ever, the only thing that helps you stay successful is keeping up with trends and industry’s best practices at the same time. One way is to listen closely to what eCommerce experts are saying.

For example, one major difficulty for businesses—the virtual as opposed to the bricks-&-mortar customer—is perfectly summed up by award-winning SaaS (Software as a Service) guru Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré, who told objeqt.com that it’s vital for eCommerce businesses especially to have “a thoroughly fleshed out buyer persona… because it’s not enough to only understand what your customer needs and wants on the surface; you need to understand their entire psychology”.

On the other hand, there is also a need to not over-think and to keep your website simple. As the founder and managing partner of Conversion Sciences, Brian Massey, puts it: “Over-developed websites are slow to load. This directly impacts conversion rates. No matter how cute the treatment, if your home page requires a ‘Loading’ message, you’re probably in trouble.”

There are many methods to having your eCommerce site succeed, but all of the most successful websites have covered the three strategies covered in this post (below), and used them as the building blocks of sustainable and profitable online stores.


eCommerce Solutions 1 – Excellent Visual & Written Content

High quality photos and well-written product descriptions are essential. The world is a very visual place, and people judge so much based on appearances. They only have the online image to rely on as an indication of whether the product is of value or not.

A grainy or fuzzy image, especially if accompanied by a vague and badly written description, will only serve to disincline the customer to visit your site. It is the virtual equivalent of a badly planned, messy bricks and mortar store, and customers will soon navigate away from your site and search elsewhere.


eCommerce Solutions 2 – Clear, Simple Website Layout

A clear website layout is of paramount importance for an eCommerce site. The customer needs to quickly understand where they need to go to purchase, browse, or learn more.

Quick and snappy call to action buttons on the main page are helpful, as is a clear menu bar with contact information. If you’re looking for one of the best tips for website design, ensure that your layout is elegant – that is to say,  keep it simple, clear, and easily understood.


eCommerce Solutions 3 – Get Optimised & Be Seen Online

Search Engine Optimization is necessary for your eCommerce site to even get off the ground. It’s vital that you become familiar with the world of SEO and take SEO tips from experts in order to get your business seen on the wide open oceans of the Internet.

Getting seen online would be impossible without the help of search engines, in addition to pay-per-click advertisement. Ultimately though, it comes back to optimisation, and whether your website and eCommerce process is designed to be seen by search engines that algorithmically direct customer traffic to the sites that best match search queries for particular goods and/or services.

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