eCommerce Checkout Strategy – 3 Tips for Your Website

eCommerce Checkout Strategy – 3 Tips for Your Website

Last Updated: December 1, 2020

Many eCommerce retailers have the notion that once a visitor clicks ‘add to cart’, their job is over. They tend to forget however that the eCommerce checkout process is as important as the landing page itself!

As with all shopping and consumer transactions, eCommerce is not just about any one thing, but rather a convergence of factors. These include not just brand reputation, customer loyalty and price, but also the user-friendliness of the site and excellent design top to bottom.

Lee Duddell, founder of WhatUsersDo, writing about eCommerce checkout pros and cons, says:

“It’s interesting (and entertaining) to imagine what it would be like in the physical world if the checkout experience was like the checkout we find in the digital one (you might remember that Google video from a few years back).

“Judging by what the experts have to say about the state of checkout today, it seems ‘conversations’ like this are still happening online:

Customer: Right, I’d like to pay.
Retailer: When were you born?
Customer: Errr, why do you need to know that?
Retailer: When were you born?

Duddell urges eCommerce retailers to think about how many of the issues and processes on their websites would manifest themselves in the physical world, and to consider why three-quarters of baskets are abandoned.


eCommerce Checkout Strategy – 3 Tips for Businesses

You really need a strategy, and we would advise one that begins with the following trio of eCommerce checkout tips. These three things will make your eCommerce checkout smooth.

eCommerce Checkout Strategy TipsFurther Information

Tip 1 - Consider a Visual Progress Indicator

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Tip 2 - Enable Optional Registration

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Tip 3 - Consider Offering Free Shipping

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When there is so much emphasis on conversion, it’s easy to overlook the checkout process itself. Look at it as the final hurdle you must leap in making the sale. And think about it in terms of bricks and mortar retailing.

You could own the most beautiful shop in the world, with the best designed shelves and friendliest staff, but if you don’t have a properly considered strategy for final checking-out, there will be confusion and chaos and many of your customers may not come back.

So to recap, integrate these three tips into your eCommerce checkout strategy today for better results.


Tip 1 – Consider a Visual Progress Indicator

Showing the customer just how much is left to be done can make the process of checkout feel much faster. Ideally, three steps would be desirable for a business, including Shipping & Billing, Payment, then Review & Place Order.


Tip 2 – Enable Optional Registration

Many businesses still ask that you register before you continue to check out, and this turns many customers off. One company famously made $300 million in revenue after making registration optional and enabling guests to make purchases.


Tip3 – Consider Offering Free Shipping

44% of people that leave their purchases and abandon cart do so because of the shipping and handling fees. Free shipping can be expensive, so perhaps consider offering it for purchases totaling over a certain amount.


eCommerce Checkout Strategy – Infographic

We round off our brief presentation by providing you with an ‘at a glance’ illustration of the importance of an effective eCommerce checkout process. Our infographic contains key information on commercial traffic and how many ‘baskets’ are abandoned at checkout stage.

eCommerce Checkout Statistics

Download this infographic.

Embed Our Infographic On Your Site!


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