SEO Tips for Business Websites – 5 Tips for SEO Changes

SEO Tips for Business Websites – 5 Tips for SEO Changes

Last Updated: November 1, 2019

There have been a lot of changes for Search Engine Optimization over the past few years, as Google, Bing and other search engines continuously update their algorithms. For this reason, it’s important to bear some SEO tips in mind at all times. It stands to reason, after all, that if search engines are updating their algorithms, you’ll need to ensure that you know how to optimise your website to keep up with these changes.

It is so important to keep abreast with the updates to algorithms made by the major search engines. If you don’t then you should not be surprised if your rankings begin to slip or, worse still, disappear altogether from searches.



We have compiled just 5 of the most important SEO tips to consider while optimising your own commercial website or sites for search.

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At the risk of taking everyone back to SEO school, it’s vital for you to remember that the way humans and search engines evaluate your site is different, but the best optimised sites reach out to both humans and search bots alike. So it has to be easy to use and attractive to look at, but also underpinned by strong, consistent text keywords and other HTML elements that enable the search engines to index the information as most relevant to particular searched-for topics.

Each search engine will have its own algorithm for ranking pages and sites, and if you pages are not communicating effectively with the search bots, it’s most unlikely to be ranked highly in search results.


1. SEO Tips for Business – Keyword Relevance Is Less Important

While it’s important to ensure that you have relevant keywords in your content and meta, it’s imperative to understand that they are not in and of themselves the be all and end-all of search engine optimisation for your website. To properly optimise your website for search, you must understand that in the modern era, link-building, social marketing and promotion, and overall site performance are of greater importance.


2. SEO Tips for Business – Research Your Keywords

This has been the case for some years now, but the days of ‘keyword density’ are long gone. If anything, lacing your content with keywords that are geared toward search engines only is likely to have a hugely detrimental effect. At the end of the day, you are creating a website that will act as an interface between your business and your customers and your customers are, of course, humans. Therefore, be subtle with keywords. Use only relevant and related keywords, and use them according to the laws of grammar as understood by the vast majority of people.


3. SEO Tips for Business – Don’t Overlap Link-Building With Keyword Anchors

It is not a good idea to overlap keyword anchor text with link-building. Again, more subtlety and finesse is required. Overlapping the two looks like gratuitous link-building, whereas you should try to ensure the links you build grow organically out of the text, rather that having content shoehorned around links. So to summarise, avoid using link-building for keyword anchored text. Links that look like part of link-building are less valuable to search engines.


4. SEO Tips for Business – Keep Pages And Links Related

When you are building links, work to keep the pages and domains related. At one time in the not too distant past, it may have been beneficial to link, for example, a bike shop to a post about conversion optimization, but as the search engines become ever more intuitive, it will not be as beneficial now. If there’s one thing that is common to all major search engines now is that they are unlikely to respond positively to anything that is not useful and logical.


5. SEO Tips for Business – Make It Social

Social sharing is very important from product pages. Including support for this on your page with Like, Tweet, and Pin buttons. Don’t forget Google+ either.

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