Twitter Geo-Targeting Ads

Twitter Geo-Targeting Ads

Last Updated: June 28, 2013

Twitter has recently unveiled yet another lucrative advertising feature to it’s lineup. Now, users can be ad-targeted based on location and geo-targeting. This feature was already there with city based advertisements, but now it goes down to the geo-targeting specific coordinate, and what stores you are actually standing around. Geo-targeting advertising has been fairly lucrative as far as marketing goes, and has overall yielded a pleased audience who has found such methods useful at keeping them in the know.

If you are near a Burger King and checking Twitter at the time you may find that the meal of the day is in your feed, that sort of thing. This Twitter feature was reported by Ad Age , and should be released around the end of the year for advertisers. These advertisements would best suit a business that primarily works through in-store services, such as restaurants or pharmacies.


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