Twitter Helps Man Be Reunited With Olympic Ticket

Twitter Helps Man Be Reunited With Olympic Ticket

Last Updated: August 16, 2012

Cameron Montgomery found an Olympic ticket at a train station in North London on the morning of 3 August, but instead of using the ticket himself to attend the Games or sell it (the ticket was worth almost £300), Montgomery decided to try and reunite the ticket with its rightful owner – via Twitter. After posting a tweet asking if anyone had lost a ticket, Montgomery’s message was retweeted by several users, and eventually retweeted by the BBC. However, it was a retweet by the West Hampsted Hockey Club that was spotted by Mike Boag, who turned out to be the owner of the ticket. Montgomery managed to get the ticket to Boag with moments to spare before the Athletics event that evening, ensuring a happy ending for all involved. This incident just shows how far-reaching social media has become, to resolve what could have been a hopeless situation within a few hours.



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