Twitter Improved Analytics

Twitter Improved Analytics

Last Updated: March 27, 2013

Twitter released last week a new way for companies who have promoted tweets to monitor how their tweets were actually doing on the social media. The new analytics that they provide go beyond what was there before, which was simply for the paid tweets that were promoted. Now, however, they are opening it up so that you can see the general consensus of how the actual promoted Twitter feed is performing, with both it’s promotions and natural ‘earned’ content.

It’s going to be opening up a new ways for advertisers and marketers to optimize their campaigns and accurately gauge their market. This will be highly beneficial for marketers who use Twitter for business because it will allow them to see who their content is reaching and as a result modify the actual content that they put out for their newly realised audience, thus gaining even more followers. The information gleamed from such analytics, and identifying the audience in such a way, could be unsurprisingly useful outside of Twitter as well, even effecting the campaigns created in the real world and thus improving the marketing of the company overall.


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