Twitter takes first tentative steps into E-Commerce market

Twitter takes first tentative steps into E-Commerce market

Last Updated: December 1, 2020

What does Twitter’s introduction of a ‘Buy’ button mean for your e-commerce business?

Last Monday Twitter took its first steps into the e-commerce market with the introduction of a ‘Buy’ button. Twitter has 271 million active accounts at the time of writing with 500 million tweets sent per day. With Twitter now providing a Buy option on the twitter website, it has the potential to spur huge sales growth in the area of e-commerce for online trading.

A small number of brands have taken the initial tentative steps into the Twitter trading arena including: Burberry, Home Depot, Keith Urban, the Nature Conservatory and Soundgarden. They offer deals tailored specifically for Twitter users. It has also been reported that more partners will follow shortly. If this pilot scheme proves successful a lot more are sure to follow suit. Online traders will be well advised to monitor these developments closely and prepare for a future where they will also be trading over Twitter.

Twitter have also introduced the use of analytics for free for ordinary users, which were previously only available for purchase. Tweeters can now gauge the success or otherwise of everyone of their individual tweets – the number of impressions they make and of the level of engagement rate with each tweet. Online traders are now able to judge the success of a tweet that contains information about their product or service within a matter of hours. Marketing campaigns that target sales in the future will soon be identifiable as successes or failures within a day, saving your business advertising costs and driving sales in a market that counts hundreds of millions of customers.

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