Weird And Wonderful Videos This Week

Weird And Wonderful Videos This Week

Last Updated: September 23, 2014

We at IDF Marketing always put up our top three picks of viral videos from the week. Here we have some life hacks, Marvelous inventions, and a look at the weirdness of our own culture. Take a look for yourself!


Colin Furze recently went viral with a replica of Wolverine’s claws, and he’s done it again with another x-men special. He created working magnetic shoes to mimic Magneto’s ability. You have to see it to believe it! The video has earned nearly 220,000 views since its release on May 22. Not bad, Colin!

21 Ways To Open A Bottle

Buzzfeed’s video shows you 21 ways to open a bottle, just as the title suggest. A simple premise for a video with some remarkable ingenious ideas that you might try at home – except for the machete one. Mind yourselves. Since the 20th, this video’s got about 640,00 views!

Things You Do At A Wedding That Would Be Creepy Anywhere Else

Buzzfeed is on a roll this week with its videos. They’ve been doing a series on things that would be creepy in alternative environments, and this is just the latest in a line. Released on the same day as the previous video, this one’s got over 1 million views.


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