Why digital marketing should be tailored to Mobile devices alone.

Why digital marketing should be tailored to Mobile devices alone.

Last Updated: September 29, 2014

You should build your website for the Mobile, not the PC…

Why? The simple answer is that Mobile-friendly websites are the future. Businesses should no longer make the distinction between a Mobile digital marketing strategy and a PC digital marketing strategy because your business’s digital strategy should simply be Mobile alone. AGENT Digital highlights some of the reasons why underneath:

Merging technology:

Personal Computers are becoming more and more like Mobile smartphones (touch-screens, shrinking size, mobility, app stores) while smartphones are coming with more and more of the positive features of the PC (faster web-surfing over 4g and Wi-fi versus the older and slower 2&3G signals, bigger and brighter screens, better keyboards etc.)

Mobile is not truly ‘On-the-Go’:

Web-surfing on the Mobile device is actually carried out 77% of the time at home or in work. People are therefore for-going their PCs in order to search on their mobile devices.

Customers’ expectations:

Many customers do not know or perhaps do not care that there are differences between building a website for a PC or for a Mobile. In 2014, they merely expect your website to be mobile-friendly. They will grow annoyed or frustrated at webpages or websites that are not optimised for the Mobile, meaning they will leave your website and may even become disillusioned with your brand.

Social Media:

Facebook users now do so 80% of their time on the Mobile device. They open 66% of their emails from their Mobile device. Photos on Instagram can only be uploaded to from a Mobile device (10% of all the photographs taken in Human history were taken last year!). People tweet from mobile devices. When Twitter and Facebook lead the way in Mobile user-ability, your business should follow suit.

If you currently own and administrate a website that was originally designed for the PC, you should upgrade your website to become Mobile responsive. For more information do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


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