WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg Editor – Are You Ready?

WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg Editor – Are You Ready?

Last Updated: November 19, 2018

With November 27 now scheduled as the release date for WordPress 5.0, the Beta 5 version has just been released that has tackled some of the main issues fixed since the launch of Beta 4. As some observers have pointed out Gutenberg (named for the 14th century German inventor of the movable type printing press) is not just an update to the classic WordPress text editor—it actually changes everything.

This is a huge development in the history of WordPress, which was introduced in 2003 to cater for the then new phenomenon of blogging. The platform has grown to host small and large business websites, eCommerce and other complex web applications. In fact, almost of third of all websites on the Internet are made up of website built on this venerable content management system.

Under WordPress 5.0, adding and editing text to posts via Gutenberg is a completely different experience than what you will have been accustomed to over the past 15 years. It simplifies the creation of content blocks, and laying these out becomes much simpler, without any need for plugins or even a developer.

Are you ready for Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0, or so you even know what it is? If you do not, it’s time to cover some of the fundamentals of this latest edition of WordPress. If everything goes to plan, Gutenberg will replace the classic WordPress editor upon the release of WordPress 5.0 on November 27th.


What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is a new more visually based editor for WordPress in WordPress 5.0. The new editor is based on the idea of content blocks. No more will there be a continuous succession of paragraphs in your editor.

With WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg, each paragraph is treated as a separate block, and each block can be styled whichever way you wish. Content blocks are not just text. There are image blocks for pictures; product blocks if you are running an eCommerce store; blocks for other third-party content, including YouTube video, or Twitter feeds, for example. In fact, Gutenberg supports no fewer than 34 embed blocks, all at the easy click of a mouse button.

Among the latest additions and improvements made (since the launch of the Beta 4 version) are a new permalink panel on the document sidebar; a new spinner and fade-out image instead of the upload indicator for images and galleries; full-width text editing and code editing blocks; improved image handling.

A number of annoying bugs have been fixed too. There’s much better handling for links without an hfref attribute, which previously showed as undefined; usable Japanese text characters in the list block; and better handling for text encodings, such as emojis.


Why is Gutenberg necessary?

The idea with WordPress 5.0 is to give the user much more freedom and flexibility than they had heretofore. With a great many of the WordPress themes, users will be able to see a close resemblance between what they’re working on in the back end and what appears in the front end.

Although there has been some resistance from die-hard users of the classic editor, Gutenberg bypasses the need for lots of plug-ins and tweaking, and streamlines the distance between the back end and front end. It’s a lot more fluid than the classic.

Do I really need to know about WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg?

We cannot stress this enough—yes, you absolutely do. Everyone who owns a WordPress website, and that will be most people reading this, should find out more about the new system if they intend upgrading immediately.

It’s quite likely that it will take some time to become accustomed to WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg editor after such a long time using the classic editor.


What should I do?

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