6 WordPress Rating Plugins

6 WordPress Rating Plugins

Last Updated: December 1, 2020

Giving your website users the ability to rate your content is a quick and easy way to get feedback from your users. This can be done by adding a WordPress Rating Plugins to your website. We here at AGENT Digital put together this list of “6 WordPress Rating Plugins” to help you find a plugin that is right for your website. Follow all our social media pages for more posts like this one.

1. “Rating System” WordPress Rating Plugins

This WordPress Rating plugin is a very simple way to add like and dislike buttons to your posts, pages and comments on your site. Rating system allows you to disable the dislike button if you wish so that you can avoid online trolls. It is a very simple plugin to use, you copy and paste a piece of shortcode and the rating widget will appear on your website.

1. Rating System WordPress Rating Plugins

1. Rating System


2. “Star Rating” WordPress plugin rating stars

This is a simple Plugin that allows you to display rating stars under your posts. It allows you to decide on whether or not you will permit unlimited ratings or single ratings per users. The Plugin will display your average rating in decimal and star forms on your page allowing you to know the exact rating that your content received.


2. star Rating  WordPress Rating Plugins

2. star Rating

3. “SN Rating” WordPress ratings plugin

SN Rating is an easy to install Plugin that allows you to get star ratings on your websites posts with geo location tracking. This WordPress Ratings Plugin fits in and is compatible with any WordPress Themes. It allows you to set the top rating on any post type e.g. 3 stars on comments and 5 stars on full posts.

3. SN Rating WordPress Rating Plugins

3. SN Rating

4. “Yet Another Stars Rating” WordPress Rating Plugins

This WordPress Rating Plugin is a useful Plugin that allows you and your websites users to rate posts on your website easily. You only need to Copy and Paste a piece of shortcode to where every you want to display your ratings. This Plugin supported over ten different languages so if your website gets viewers from around the world this is very useful.

4. Yasr - Yet Another Stars Rating WordPress Rating Plugins

4. Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating

5. “Rating-Widget: Star Review System” WordPress plugin rating

Rating-Widget: Star Review System is a highly customizable widget that allows you to receive and display ratings on your Posts, Pages, comments or products. This plugin allows you to choose how your ratings are displayed, stars or thumbs up, big or small  you get to decide exactly how it will look on your page.

5. Rating Widget WordPress Rating Plugins

5. Rating Widget

6. “Multi Rating” WordPress Rating Plugins

Multi Rating allows visitors to rate a post based on multiple criteria and questions giving you an accurate representation of how people found your post. It can display your ratings in either stars, percentages or score results allowing you to choose whichever you prefer. It also allows you to view and evaluate the ratings in the WordPress Admin Panel.

7. Multi Rating

6. Multi Rating



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