YouTube One Channel

YouTube One Channel

Last Updated: March 19, 2013

Recently, YouTube has opened up it’s ‘One Channel’ website design. This updates the YouTube channel interface so that you can do a lot more with a channel. They have introduced an opening screen with a video to show new users that haven’t yet subscribed to the channel’s feed, and is giving each channel a heading banner image space. It is also incorporating the new look to it’s mobile and tablet design. The idea is that a potential follower might first see what the channel creator wants them to see, whether it be a glimpse into the their better videos or their more desirable products.

This could potentially be beneficial for businesses, and one might suspect that the introduction page to the channel would be visible even after YouTube starts working the potential ‘paid subscription’ feature into it’s website. However, users, unsurprisingly, don’t seem to like the idea of the change, primarily of course because of it’s implications that you might have to pay to go past the introduction page in the future, but also, they frankly don’t see any sort of continuity with the YouTube brand. However, this is another move to make the service more lucrative through the website developmentĀ .


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