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AGENT Digital Launch New St Gabriels Website

Published 3 years ago June 26th, 2016

AGENT Digital is proud to announce the launch of the new website for St Gabriel’s School & Centre, which can be viewed at Based in Limerick, St Gabriel’s is a voluntary, not-for-profit provider of health-related therapies and education to children and young adults with disabilities, throughout the Mid-West. The new website is the latest manifestation…

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iBusiness Warrior Website

New iBusiness Warriors Website & Interview!

Published 3 years ago June 24th, 2016

AGENT Digital is excited to announce the launch of the new iBusiness Warriors website! You can check out the new site at iBusiness Warriors is a firm based in Limerick which helps small and medium enterprises to increase their revenue by providing them with unique services such as access to a team of business growth…

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12 Essential Plugins for your WordPress Site

Published 3 years ago June 20th, 2016

THANKS to its sheer user-friendliness at the admin and user ends, WordPress is an important cornerstone for companies who take their business online, especially sites that have blogs as well as e-commerce functionality. However, the effort to enhance WordPress’s user-friendliness and responsiveness is ongoing, and there is a huge range of plugins to make the management and navigation of…

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New Optima Physiotherapy Website is Now Live!

Published 3 years ago June 6th, 2016

AGENT Digital is excited to announce the launch of the new Optima Physiotherapy website! You can check out the new site at Optima Physiotherapy is a chartered physiotherapy clinic based in Limerick dedicated to the promotion of active and healthy living through the treatment of pain and injury. Optima Physiotherapy is headed by Damien…

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Friday Viral: Twins Coffee With A Twix Ad

Published 3 years ago May 6th, 2016

We’ve found something that’s simultaneously hilarious and creepy for our Friday Viral video this week! Twix teamed up with Danish firm Patchwork Group to produce an advertisment that features unsuspecting cafe patrons slowly realising that they’re surrounded by sets of identical twins, dressed identically. Uncannily similar people acting like mirror images of each other makes…

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WordPress Plugins for Real Estate

Top 7 WordPress Plugins for Real Estate

Published 3 years ago May 3rd, 2016

No matter what your role in the Real Estate industry involves, it’s a great idea to ensure your WordPress website has all the tools you need by adding WordPress plugins for Real Estate. These include cool functionality such as calculators, maps and house listings. If you’re seeking the best of the best, look no further,…

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Best WordPress Sports Themes

7 Best WordPress Sports Themes

Published 3 years ago April 26th, 2016

Sports websites call for a very specific look and set of functionalities, which can be hard to achieve. Luckily, if you’re using WordPress there are plenty of great themes which can easily set up the basis for a great sports website. No matter what sport or aspect of the industry your website is targeting, there’s…

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Search Engine Plugins

Top 7 Search Engine Plugins for WordPress

Published 3 years ago April 19th, 2016

WordPress has its own default search functionality built-in, but many users find this too primitive as it does not have the features they require. Enhancing your WordPress site’s search doesn’t have to mean a lot of complex coding, there are plenty of great plugins which can take all the hard work out of the process….

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Friday Viral

Friday Viral: Cookie Monster iPhone Advert

Published 3 years ago April 15th, 2016

Fans of Sesame Street will love our Friday Viral for this week,  Apple’s latest ad for the iPhone 6s featuring Cookie Monster! The loveable glutton is shown impatiently waiting for his cookies to bake, making full use of Siri’s functions to pass the time. This commercial shows Siri’s capability to set timers and play pre-set…

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Film WordPress Themes

Top 7 Film WordPress Themes

Published 3 years ago April 12th, 2016

Whether your WordPress site is a film blog or a video streaming website, it’s important that its purpose is reflected in its layout and design. Making your website relevant to movies is not at all hard, due to the many film WordPress themes available that do the brunt of the work for you. In order…

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