Enterprise Ireland Internet Marketing Initative

Enterprise Ireland eMarketing Grant

Under Enterprise Ireland’s e-Marketing Improvement Assignment Programme, AGENT Digital works to help Irish exporters to drive overseas brand awareness, leads and sales through a tailored, ‘made-to-measure’ approach that gets results every time.

AGENT Digital offers a range of relevant online marketing activities & training that are eligible for funding under the e-Marketing Improvement Assignment Programme.

The AGENT Digital team’s expertise assists Irish exporters across a board e-marketing spectrum. And by working closely with individual export firms, the AGENT team also helps these businesses to:

• Determine precise overseas objectives, goals and anticipated ROI;
• Identify diverse target audiences, and segment & prioritise these;
• Evaluate the visibility and user-friendliness of their websites;
• Identify and assess their online competitors;
• Communicate their online value proposition;
• Determine appropriate digital marketing strategies, and;
• Manage in-house online marketing via staff training.


AGENT Digital – The Made-to-Measure Approach

Enterprise Ireland’s e-Marketing Improvement Assignment Programme aims to help exporters maximise the benefits of online marketing so they can reach new customers and grow internationally. However, it’s only made-to-measure strategies that will help specific businesses to stand out and increase brand awareness and sales enquiries. And that’s where the AGENT Digital team comes in.


Working to Understand Your Goals

At AGENT Digital, we listen to your needs & aspirations, and, working closely with you, help you to devise a specific, clear understanding of your business goals, the needs of your customers, and your competition in the marketplace. We have a structured planning process informed by our intimate knowledge of best practices in online marketing. This helps us to deliver an online strategy that fits with your business objectives and your internal processes; a strategy that will fit naturally within your overall marketing mix.


Helping You to Find Your Voice

When seeking to expand internationally, it is essential that your business has a statement that clearly communicates your unique value proposition. This statement is your business’s voice, and must speak to the challenges and needs that are specific to your market. It will declare the uniqueness of your company, product and/or services compared with your overseas competitors. The AGENT Digital team will help you to find your voice. We will work to help define your unique value proposition and recommend how best to communicate this online.


A Successful Track Record

AGENT Digital has the expertise and know-how to help you create and implement a strategy for any requirement, whether you need to cost-effectively enter new markets, increase your direct eCommerce sales, connect with new international partners, or increase brand awareness. As one of Enterprise Ireland’s approved e-Marketing consultants, AGENT Digital has a verifiable track record of successfully helping Irish export companies deliver tangible online results.


Getting Started: How Can We Help?

Call AGENT Digital today for a no-obligation initial consultation. We’d welcome the opportunity to review your existing situation and provide ideas on possible online approaches for your business, in addition to explaining how to apply for Enterprise Ireland e-Marketing Improvement Assignment Programme funding.

Why Choose AGENT Digital as your Digital Partner?

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