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AGENT Digital Summer Night Out 2013

Published 5 years ago July 2nd, 2013

Months of building great Websites, Interactive Apps & Delivering Digital Marketing results for our clients can be tiring so it important to recharge our Developers, Designers & Digital Executives batteries. So as with every July all the AGENT Digital team headed out for our Summer night out – a great night was had by all and…

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Play for the Prize Fridays

Published 5 years ago June 26th, 2013

We at AGENT Digital have taken to setting aside some time at the end of our busy and productive week to play a few rounds of sport.  Last Friday was the scene of a charming office event – including a cup, and a putter. We had four golfballs so figured that we would have four…

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The Importance of Local Business Listings for SEO

Published 5 years ago February 1st, 2013

Having your local business listed on Google is of huge importance to a successful SEO campaign. Whether your business’s website is registered on a local business directory online or even better, on Google Places, it proves to Google that you are a local business and therefore eligible to be ranked for local key phrases. Utilising…

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New Options For Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” Button

Published 5 years ago August 27th, 2012

Google have enhanced the properties of their “I’m Feeling Lucky” button by adding a few more feelings, including hungry, puzzled, playful, stellar, doodley, artistic, wonderful and trendy. When the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button is hovered over the list of options will appear in the style of a slot machine, before landing on a random feeling….

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Jeremy Lin Skypes With Heartbroken Fan

Published 6 years ago August 9th, 2012

NBA star Jeremy Lin became an internet sensation earlier this year when he spear-headed an unlikely revival of the New York Knicks in the 2011-12 championship. ‘Linsanity’ has continued this summer, as a result of a 5 year old Knicks fan’s sad reaction to Lin leaving and joining the Houston Rockets. Lin came across the…

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Going Viral: Man of Steel Trailer

Published 6 years ago July 23rd, 2012

The longly-awaited The Dark Knight Rises finally hit cinemas this past weekend, and with the superhero theme still fresh in everyone’s mind, the trailer for the upcoming Superman film, Man of Steel, was also released. After only one day of being available on YouTube, the trailer has already surpassed one million views. The film is…

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Going Viral: GSK – The Crowd is the Drug

Published 6 years ago July 18th, 2012

The number of Olympics-themed commercials are increasing as we get ever closer to the event. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) have created an exhilarating and captivating advert featuring British sprinter Marlon Devonish as he lines up for a race. Through a combination of stylish camerawork and innovative computer graphics, interspersed with imagery of adrenaline, much tension is built…

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Going Viral: Greenpeace – A Homeless Polar Bear in London

Published 6 years ago July 12th, 2012

In a new commercial by Greenpeace, the plight of the Arctic Circle is highlighted with the maudlin ramble of a polar bear lost in London. The images are extremely bleak and evoke much sympathy for the CGI polar bear, as it wanders aimlessly and unsuccessfully for resources, having been presumably pushed far, far out of…

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Pinterest – The Fastest Website to Reach 10 Million Users

Published 6 years ago March 23rd, 2012

In March 2010, the pinboard-styled social photo-sharing website Pinterest was launched by Ben Silbermann. Nine months later the site had a commendable 10,000 users, but it was in 2011 that Pinterest really began to take off. By January 2012, the site reached 10 million users, the fastest website in history to do so, as well…

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