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Facebook Introducing Embedded Posts

Published 5 years ago August 6th, 2013

Facebook recently launched a new way to share posts off the network. The embedded feature that it has introduced closely mimics that of Twitter. You can read the announcement here . On the social media network‘s embedded posts on other sites, you can still click the hashtags (another Twitter-based product), share or like the post or…

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BrewDog #MashTag Beer

Published 5 years ago July 15th, 2013

UK Brewery BrewDog has created a beer based on the responses that they’ve received under the hashtag ‘#mashtag‘. They have taken the market into account and have put together a ‘7.5% American Brown Ale loaded with New Zealand hops and aged on Hazelnuts and Oak chips.’ Which apparently gives this democratic social media brew a ‘christmas-y…

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Twitter History Ad-Targeting

Published 5 years ago July 12th, 2013

Twitter is adding in a new way of ad-targeting into it’s databases. The new algorithm will be able to track the users history on their browser and thus allow advertisers to actually target those people who have actively participated in their field or even subscribed to their newsletters. However, history tracking has been said to be…

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Facebook to Control Controversies

Published 5 years ago July 5th, 2013

Starting the first week of July, Facebook will be making strong moves to take out controversial ads, links and groups from the network in order to avoid their association with brands and advertisers. This will come into effect even unto pages which are not against the terms of service, but are simply what Facebook would…

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Twitter & Chase for Small Businesses

Published 5 years ago June 21st, 2013

Twitter announced on Monday that it has given small businesses with american banking group Chase one million US dollars in free advertising through Twitter Credits. The advertising will be awarded to small businesses in one hundred dollar increments, and there will be more details about the programme in the fall. The awards will be given…

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Facebook Changes Ad Policies

Published 5 years ago June 19th, 2013

Facebook has recently minimised its advertising options in order to further solidify the foundational aspects of its service. They expressed in a blog post that they feel it will provide a better and more intuitive service for the businesses which it caters to. Now Facebook will simply have you chose what goal you have in…

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Twitter Introduces TV Ad Targeting

Published 5 years ago June 4th, 2013

Twitter has recently announced that it will be working with brands in order to fully utilise the power of social media and the second screen.  The new targeting features can focus on those who have typed in specific tags in relation to the TV programmes during which the company airs their commercial advertisement. Hashtags in relation to the…

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Weather Channel Interns and the Twitter Storm

Published 5 years ago May 2nd, 2013

It is Tornado Week for the Weather Channel, and the Interns have decided that they would cause a storm on Twitter. See what I did there? Well, they are streaming a live feed of the office for a week, and the interns are counting the mentions of their topic on the social media Twitter. The more mentions…

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Tumblr mobile advertising

Published 5 years ago April 25th, 2013

Tumblr, one of the top ten internet services visited daily, just opened up it’s mobile market to advertisers. The announcement came that this would be happening a number of months ago, and they have kept their word. The advertisements will appear in a users feed no more than four times a day per user, and will blend…

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Worldwide Facebook Home

Published 5 years ago April 23rd, 2013

Tuesday the 16th of April saw Facebook Home begin it’s unveiling to the wider world outside of the United States. The Android devices that can accept the software are still limited however, including the HTC One X, X+, Samsung Galaxy S 3, and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It will later grow with Samsung and HTC…

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