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Viral campaign sweeps advertising awards

Published 5 years ago July 4th, 2013

Earlier this year an Australian public service ad campaign “Dumb Ways to Die” became a viral video internet hit for its dark-humored list of reckless ways to die. The Metro Trains campaign has now further enhanced its reputation by sweeping up a number of international advertising prizes in June of this year. The three minute short…

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How a Rick-roll broke Vine

Published 5 years ago June 11th, 2013

On the day of the Vine release for Android, a to-be intern for read-it-later service Pocket, Will Smidlein, manipulated the code for his vine post in order to include a rickroll for his friends. He managed to bypass the 6-second rule for the short-video service for a laugh; he didn’t expect the rickroll to go…

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Somersby Ad Goes Viral

Somersby Ad goes Viral

Published 5 years ago April 5th, 2013

Carlsberg recently uploaded their advertisement for their ‘Less apps, More apples’ tagged marketing campaign, promoting their Somersby sub-brand. In the commercial they poked fun at Apple, talking about a pint of cider as though it was a new iPhone or iPad in a fancy upscale ‘Somersby Store’. It cleverly played with more Phone-related phrases within the video,…

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GoPro Makes a Viral Ad

Published 5 years ago March 12th, 2013

GoPro, a company that makes high-quality waterproof cameras, recently released an advertisement on YouTube that got a lot of people talking. In the ad, entitled ‘A Blonde and a Great White’, a diver leaves her underwater cage and swims up to a massive shark whilst inspirational music plays. She grips onto the back fin of…

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White house marketing

The Jedi Mind Meld: White House Marketing

Published 5 years ago March 11th, 2013

Barrack Obama in a recent press conference unfortunately made a mistake that set a lot of nerds on Twitter on fire with humorous jokes. Obama said that he couldn’t ‘Jedi mind-meld’ republicans to agree to his sequester deal. Immediately #Jedimindmeld became a trend on Twitter, because Obama had mistakenly put together Star Trek and Star Wars into…

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Going Viral: The Music Video to Find a Roommate

Published 5 years ago February 13th, 2013

Jonathan Mann is using a novelty way to fill the spare room in his apartment. Instead of the usual placing an ad in the local newspaper, Jonathan who lives in Brooklyn New York,  has uploaded a video onto YouTube where he sings about the qualities of his apartment. Mann is no stranger to YouTube, recording…

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New Nike Ad Hits 10 Million Views in 4 Days

Published 6 years ago May 22nd, 2012

Every major football tournament is awaited with much anticipation, but not only for the football itself. Much of the excitement comes from the accompanying adverts, most notably Nike’s. This year is no exception, with Nike releasing a new star-laden commercial named “My Time is Now” ahead of the 2012 European Championship. Whilst the message of…

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Going Viral: Volswagen Passat Commercial

Published 6 years ago May 10th, 2012

Many car commercials use humour to get across a point about a feature or several features about their product. In recent times, Volkswagen have been a company that has relied on this form of storytelling, such as The Force commercial that was released at the start of 2011. However, in a new commercial for the…

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Jennifer Lopez Premieres New Video on Twitter

Published 6 years ago May 4th, 2012

Yesterday Jennifer Lopez unveiled the video to her new song, Follow The Leader, on Twitter after a week of anticipation and promotion. As expected, the video racked up thousands of views within seconds, and really demonstrated the direct connection that artists and celebrities have with their fans in the modern age via social media. If…

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Dark Knight Rises Campaign Offers New Trailer for Tweets

Published 6 years ago May 1st, 2012

Less than 24 hours ago, the terms for releasing the trailer of the latest film in the Batman franchise were conveyed to the general public. In an elaborate viral marketing campaign by the promoters of The Dark Knight Rises, a list of several locations around the globe were revealed via the film’s official website. These…

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