FUNKY, fashionable and affordable, Imasa Lifestyle has opened in Limerick.

The 1300 sq ft store which is located beneath the George Boutique Hotel on O’Connell street is a new departure in Limerick in terms of retail therapy. Not only is there a fantastic range of clothes but there is also a cafe/bistro where shoppers can avail of some refreshments if the retail experience gets too much. And, for the proud home owners, there is also an eclectic and stylish homeware department—all under the one roof.

“I had travelled a lot to places like Paris, London and Hong Kong and I decided to use all that experience in the design of the store,” explained Louise Tsang, proprietor of the store. Opened with great fanfare at the weekend, Imasa is lavishing furnished with marble flooring and Japanese designs, the likes of which have never been seen before in Limerick.

Customers can now purchase their Imasa clothing online through the stores ecommerce website.
}The team at Imasa worked with several departments within AGENT Digital:

eCommerce Development


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