University of Limerick (UL) offers a range of courses and programmes up to doctorate and postdoctorate levels in the disciplines of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Business, Education, Health Sciences, Science and Engineering.

The AGENT Digital Website Development created the brand new website for the University of Limerick (UL). Working closely with the Task Force in UL over a period of 3 months, AGENT Digital delivered a beautiful and highly engaging website that is a major step forward for the University’s online presence.

Planning the navigation structure for the Universities website was key considering the vast amount of content within the website. We applied our “Get to any page, from any page” approach for this project. We created an easy to navigate drop down menu which appears in a fluid motion once the users mouse comes in contact.

Other interactive facilities our developers and designer created which enhanced the Universities website included the news center window that combined the news, events and vacancies feeds, the high impact interactive home page rotating banner section and of course the “Gaeilge” button which converts the website navigational tabs to read in “as Gaeilge”.

The team at the University of Limerick (UL) worked with several departments with AGENT Digital:

Website Development

Graphic Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Online Video

Social Media Marketing


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