20 Sales Closing Questions to Help Seal a Deal in 2019

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

Shweta Jhajharia is an award-winning business coach and a new contributor to AGENT. In the first of her posts, Shweta outlines the top sales questions that will illicit the necessary information to help you close a deal.

sales closing questions
Image Source: Shweta Jhajharia

MAKING a sale is very much the art of education and persuasion. Similar to a lot of art forms, there are those with a natural flair for it, who can do it without even thinking. However, boosting your sales by becoming better at persuasion is an art that can be taught, can be learned, and can be mastered. It’s a matter of asking the right sales closing questions.

If this area is new to you, I’m sure you will be asking, ‘What are the right sales closing questions?’ Well, here is a set of 20 questions to keep in your arsenal for those moments when you need a little more information to understand your prospect better, and help them make the right choice.

Print them out, take a screen shot or otherwise commit these sales closing questions to a safe place. Then, memorise them, and when you get stuck in a sales conversation, pull one of them out.

You will definitely be surprised at the effectiveness of #19 and #20!


My 20 Killer Sales Closing Questions

1. What is the most frustrating thing to you about … ? Why is that?

2. What makes you say that? [Why do you say that? / Can you give me some background on that? /What draws you to that conclusion?]

3. What do you see as the purpose of the meeting exactly?

4. What do you think causes … ? [Do you have a perspective on that?]

5. What have you done so far to address the problem?

6. What would you do differently if … ?

7. What is likely to happen if … ?

8. What won’t happen if … ?

9. What are the implications for you if … ?

10. Who benefits most from … ?

11. What would you like in the future? [In an ideal world what would you have? / What would success look like for you?  What would make this perfect for you?]

12. Is anyone else involved in the buying decision?

13. What are the key drivers for the other people involved?

14. Have you spoken to anyone else about this?

15. What is the most pressing issue you are facing in the business right now?

16. What would be easiest for you?

17. How important is that to you?

18. Will that be enough for you?

19. I agree you should think about it.  Often when our clients say that it’s because there is a particular issue they need to address. Is that the case with you?

20. What would we have to do to make you go ahead with this?

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