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Last Updated: July 1, 2020

Organisers of Startupfest Canada will unveil their inaugural ResolveTO event in Toronto on January 25. With a distinctive focus on finding common ground and synergies between early-stage startups, established enterprises and large organisations, ResolveTO is set to become a landmark event for startups in Canada and further afield.

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startup events, startup conference, resolveto, toronto, canada
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ResolveTO is one of those startup events with a name that seems to be made for this time of year, when New Year resolutions are firmest on our mind and our focus on the year ahead is at its sharpest. ResolveTO is a new event which is produced by one of the world’s most significant (and Canada’s largest) startup events, Startupfest, which is held in Montreal every July. This inaugural Toronto startup event will combine Startupfest’s signature startup energy with new enterprise thinking. Both startups and established enterprises will collaborate and share insights on innovation, disruption, fast company culture, and digital transformation.


Startup Events – Key Points of ResolveTO 2020

For your convenience, here is a breakdown of the main points of ResolveTO, who it’s aimed at, why startups should attend, who will be the main speakers, and information on ticketing.


1. Briefly describe what your event is about.

The most influential minds in startups and enterprises will gather in Toronto, on January 25th, 2020, for three days of unconstrained thinking, and a unique, collaborative mashup of innovation, disruption, adaptive cultures, and emerging marketplaces at the newly launched ResolveTO.

startup events, startup conference, resolveto, toronto, canada

Image Source: ResolveTO


2. Where and when does this year’s event take place (Venue, dates and times)

ResolveTO 2020 takes place from January 25-27 at the Water Works, 505 Richmond Street West, Toronto.

The venue is an iconic 1930s era building, symbolically sited in the heart of Toronto’s thriving startup community. This already stirring blend of heritage architecture and cool modernism will be transformed by ResolveTO into an electric winter village complete with stages, lounges, demos, bars and more.

The event kicks off from 5pm on the Wednesday evening with the opening kick-off party, followed by two full days of content and networking. The full agenda is available here.


3. What will be happening at this year’s event?

ResolveTO is bringing together the best young startups and large organizations for a look at innovation, disruption and emerging markets. The content of the event is divided primarily between two distinctive but complementary tracks: The Startup Track and the Corporate Innovation Track.

With ResolveTO’s focus on startup growth, acquisition, and business development, there will be an exploration of how early-stage companies can dance with incumbents and giants, including scaling, acquisition, and enterprise partnerships. There will also be analysis of the contrasts between the slow, deliberate growth of predictable business models, and the reckless, often unregulated scaling of new models.

The ResolveTO Enterprise Track is devoted to considering how companies should use startup innovation and self-disruption to survive and thrive in today’s high-charged business environment.

Keynote presentations within both tracks will be staged on both mornings, while afternoons will be divided between content on the Startup Stage and the Corporate Innovation Stage.

Meanwhile, ‘The Speed Dating Zone’ will feature a variety of curated and hard-hitting challenges, mandates, competitions, or compelling offers for startups, presented by our partners, who include IBM, DMZ, Mercedes, Fujitsu, MaRS, City of Toronto, and more. Some will offer experts that everyone wants to talk to, and others will offer contests and prizes for startups. Full details challenges and prizes are available here.


5. Who will be speaking/presenting at ResolveTO.

There are more than 40 speakers presenting at ResolveTO 2020, an amazing gathering of top-level entrepreneurs and professionals offering their perspectives from the leading edge of the issues being explored at the startup conference. It’s entrepreneurs and business leaders such as these who are set to make ResolveTO one of the standout startup events on the global calendar.

The full list of speakers can be found here, and here are three of the most prominent.


1. Ted Serbinski – MD, Techstars Mobility

startup events, startup conference, resolveto, toronto, canada

Image Source: ResolveTO

‘Walking the Walk’: Ted Serbinski is the managing director of Techstars Mobility, investing in mobility startups that are changing the future of transportation from downtown Detroit. Ted and his co-panelists will focus particularly on one of the fastest and least understood paths to growth for startups: to work hand in hand with large, incumbent organisations. Ted will bring invaluable expertise from his work with accelerator powerhouse Techstars to show startups how established companies, emerging technologies and early-stage innovators can work together.


2. Lily Cortese – Director, Transactions & Business Analytics, Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centre

startup events, startup conference, resolveto, toronto, canada

Image Source: ResolveTO

‘The Savannah to the Boardroom: Evolution, Organization, and Innovation’: Lily Cortese will be looking at the challenges for businesses living through a ‘Cambrian Explosion of innovation”. While the digital age has removed barriers that once faced start-ups, Lily will focus on the importance of retaining the biological and social characteristics that make our species effective. “In this time of unprecedented online connections,” she says, “it’s worth remembering that offline relationships are where innovation really happens”.


3. David Chouinard – Engineer, Facebook Connectivity Lab

startup events, startup conference, resolveto, toronto, canada

Image Source: ResolveTO

‘Building World-Class R&D Teams’: while Bell Labs is often held as the pinnacle of success in research & development, David Chouinard brings a broader perspectives to this issue. At Facebook, Disney and others, David has worked with some of the top R&D teams, and he’ll be looking at what it takes to build internal teams with the momentum, urgency and caliber of the world’s best startups.



7. Sounds great! How do I sign up for this startup event?

Tickets for the ResolveTO startup conference can be found on the ResolveTO website, here.

startup events, startup conference, resolveto, toronto, canada

Image Source: ResolveTO


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