Catch ’em all with the new Pokédrone: Viral Videos

Last Updated: August 1, 2020

THE Pokémon Go craze continues. And now you really can catch ’em all with the new Pokédrone, a mini drone that allows you to access the more elusive Pokémon. A promo video teasing the imminent launch of the Pokédrone, like the game that inspired it, is already reaching viral levels.

THE Pokémon Go craze continues apace. Even if you were to gauge its popularity on the virality of its official YouTube trailer alone (views have doubled to just under six million over the past month), Pokemon Go is a tipping point phenomenon. And now, you really can catch ’em all with the new Pokédrone.

The Pokédrone is the latest commercial effort to capitalise on the craze. It’s a mini drone that its makers, TRNDlabs, a global lifestyle brand that manufactures stylish gadgets and fashionable tech, claim make it easier to play the game and catch Pokémon in difficult-to-access areas,.

Once connected via WiFi to your phone, the Pokémon Go app uses the Pokédrone’s GPS and camera instead of the phone’s GPS and Camera. With the Pokédrone’s auto take-off and land function there is no need to worry about your drone-flying skills.

The drone can also hover in one place making it super easy to “catch ’em all” for everyone who is more into Pokémon Go than drones.



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