Viral Videos: CorridorDigital – ‘Red vs Blue’

Last Updated: August 1, 2020

Special effects masters, CorridorDigital, have brought the original Halo-inspired ‘Red Vs Blue’ web series to a whole new and exponentially growing audience, with this YouTube homage that features characters ranging from Darth Vader to Donald Trump!

video source: corridordigital on YOUTUBE

VIDEO special effects masters and YouTube legends, CorridorDigital, have gone viral with their homage to the popular web series, Red vs Blue, by recreating the original’s Xbox Halo universe battles using a range of fictional and factual characters that runs the gamut from red Iron Man to blue Hillary Clinton!

This affectionately humorous tribute to the already hilarious series by Rooster Teeth network broke the 1m views barrier on YouTube in less than a fortnight since it was posted on July 3, 2016, an emphatic thumbs up from viewers for the slickly staged battle that melts the boundaries between reality and fantasy, and between superhero, sci-fi, and arcade game franchises.

It’s a must-see, and with an invitation from CorridorDigital for viewers to nominate who they would like to see do battle next, it’s a series that could run and run!


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