Viral Videos: GoPro – ‘Epic Drone Race at Night’

Last Updated: June 1, 2019

Drone-racing is the latest twist in the ongoing rise in use of drones worldwide. The white-knuckle excitement of the phenomenon is captured perfectly in this GoPro video.

OVER the past decade, the drone sector has made enormous leaps, becoming a multi-million dollar industry and leaving our skies with more unmanned than manned flights. Drones are used for all manner of activities, including movie-making, photography, deliveries, police tracking, and much more.

They’re also a fab leisure gadget, and there are hundreds of thousands of drone enthusiasts worldwide, driving various drone-related activities, including drone-racing. Unsurprisingly, GoPro, developer of the world’s most versatile video cameras, has a particularly active drone-racing team.

With this recently posted and actively shared YouTube video, the GoPro team shows—with the help of some added CGI effects—just how cool and exciting drone-racing is.

The footage, filmed by drones during the Phoenix Cup competition, gives viewers a drone’s eye-view of a race that looks like a scene from Star Wars or Blade Runner or a sequence from a particularly hi-tech video game. This could be the future of racing as we know it!

video source: YOUTUBE / Photography: Tony Thompson


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