Viral Videos: Employee Gratitude at Gravity Payments

Last Updated: August 1, 2020

What’s more powerful than a CEO changing the lives of his workers? When his employees decide to pay back their chief with a dream gift.

GRAVITY Payments is a credit-card processing and financial services company founded in February 2004 by brothers Lucas and Dan Price. The operation is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and employs over 100 people, who recently posted to YouTube a most potent illustration of employee gratitude, which has gone viral in the weeks since.

In April 2015, Gravity Payments CEO, Dan Price, decided to raise the minimum wage for all employees of the company, to $70,000: a stunningly game-changing moment in the lives of the staff. This year, the still-jubilant employees decided to properly show their appreciation to Dan. Every member of the team made a donation towards the effort to save up and buy Dan the car of his dreams—a Tesla.

The video has gone viral on YouTube alone, a testament to the essential truth that while we all love to see employees getting a break, there is nothing quite so powerful as people declaring their gratitude.

video source: YOUTUBE


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