Viral Videos: People The Kangaroo – ‘You Would Not Believe Me’

Last Updated: August 1, 2020

People The Kangaroo are a true multi-national outfit, their edgy pop-electronica sound created by a French bassist, Argentine producer and Chilean vocalist. Their new release ‘You Would Not Believe Me’ is accompanied by an amazing planet-hopping video that’s being shared in viral proportions online.

FILMED over three years, People the Kangaroo‘s stunning new music video for You Would Not Believe Me has been nominated for a GoPro Video Award.

The Boston-based band’s video follows a globe-trotting hand as it visits and explores oceans, forests, deserts, cities, interacting with unsuspecting people along the way.

A clear demonstration of the possibilities available to artists in the tech age, the video has been viewed over 75,000 times since its posting on July 11th on the GoPro Youtube channel, and shared by prominent social media influencers such as Guy Kawasaki.

video source: YOUTUBE 


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