This Cup Is Unspillable: Viral Videos

Last Updated: August 1, 2020

The makers of The Mighty Mug claim that this cup is unspillable. However, that was before the people at consumer products unboxing and testing portal Unbox Therapy put the product to the test. The outcome has been a viral phenomenon that has seen The Mighty Mug almost sell out!

The viral sharing of this video by funky consumer product testers Unbox Therapy suggests that The Mighty Mug is what the world has been waiting for… it’s certainly a hit with anyone who’s suffered the misfortune of an accidental coffee or beverage spill in work. The brainchild of a team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers, this cup is unspillable.

The makers claim that The Mighty Mug’s patented SmartGrip Technology enables it both to withstand accidental bumps by gripping to any smooth, flat surface, and also to be lifted naturally by whoever is using it.

While this is an enticing claim, the video posted to the Unbox Therapy YouTube channel is the proof of the pudding. Truly, this cup is unspillable, easily passing the kinds of jolts and nudges that would knock over any other mug, and hardly budging from its position.

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It’s pretty much beyond doubt that this multi-million views YouTube video, which has by now also been posted to the Mighty Mug product homepage at, has been instrumental in the product’s tipping point (no pun intended!) popularity worldwide. Textbook viral marketing.

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The tester in this video, Lewis Hilsenteger, has carved out a reputation, via the videos on his Unbox Therapy channel, as one of the most prominent ‘unboxers’ on YouTube. The “unboxing” community is one of the most vibrant subcultures on YouTube.

Videos of product unboxing—which encompass a vast range of products, from Lewis’s pretty straightforward product opening and testing of The Mighty Mug, to the forensic examinations of toys by kids such as EvanTubeHD, the 10-year-old who was making more than $1m a year from his viral videos by the time he was aged just 8 years—have become particularly influential for customers who are on the lookout for a purchase, particularly if it’s a toy or a tech gadget. The term unboxing should not be taken too literally—Lewis Hilsenteger’s presentation style is pretty characteristic. He not only opens the boxes, but thoroughly examines and tests the product, customises it, and gives it the kind of exposure that leaves consumers with few questions other than where the item can be purchased.


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