Viral Videos: Virgin Media’s Usain Bolt Video, #BeTheFastest

Last Updated: August 1, 2020

Virgin Media’s fibre-optic broadband promo channeling the astonishing speed of sprinter Usain Bolt has been given an added boost by Bolt’s triumph at the Rio Olympics. The viral video is as much a 100-second tribute to human speed as an internet connectivity advertisement.

VIRGIN Media ’s new Usain Bolt video, #BeTheFastest, is a fibre-optic broadband service promo that channels the world record-breaking sprinting feats of Usain Bolt, structuring the broadband commercial into segments of 9.58 seconds, the astonishing 100m record time that Bolt set in Berlin in 2009.

Now given greater currency following Bolt’s Olympic triumph at Rio, the advert’s successive 9.58-second segments speed by, rapidly intercutting between scenes from the track, the gymnasium, and spectators’ areas, as well as visually referencing Bolt’s childhood in Jamaica and his love of dance culture.

It’s an ultra-fast, high-impact promo of just 1min 40 secs with which Virgin Media is positioning the superior speed of its internet connectivity offering, specifically the new Virgin VIVID 200Mbps fibre optic broadband. As with the best Virgin campaigns, it never loses sight of the big picture, meaning that it’s just as effective a showcase for the talents of Usain Bolt as it is for their product.

video source: YOUTUBE


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