10 Best Jobs for Balancing Work and Life in 2018

Last Updated: December 3, 2017

Finding the balance between work and life is a huge challenge for entrepreneurs and leaders, and increasingly difficult for career professionals. But if this equilibrium remains a priority, there are careers offering notably satisfactory work-life balance ratings that are by no means salary-dependent…

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Balancing work and life is a tough nut to crack in the boundary-eroding modern age, where the technology in our pockets has the potential to link us directly to work issues at any hour of the day or night. As technological development accelerates, the concept of balancing work and life has, to a great extent, become a myth for entrepreneurs, business managers and team leaders.

This does not apply solely to the tech arena. AGENT recently spoke to London-based entrepreneur Grace Regan, who departed the tech sector to pursue Spicebox, a startup opportunity in the culinary sector. She is working, almost literally, 24-7. “The startup life is really hard, and it is not glamorous… but I’m doing Spicebox because it’s the thing I have to do,” she said.

Such a life is not for everyone. That is why game-changing entrepreneurs are a special breed. For the rest of us, though, work-life balance continues to be a key aspiration, especially if you have greater commitments to consider on the ‘life’ side of the equation, such as family and children.

There is a host of fantastic literature on work life balance, including such definitive studies as Jim Loehr’s and Tony Schwartz’s The Power of Full Engagement; Matthew Kelly’s Off Balance; Bill Collier’s great How to Succeed as a Small Business Owner and Still Have a Life; and John C Bogle’s Enough: True Measures of Money, Business, and Life.

But what about the day to day reality of work-life balance, and the actual jobs? Glassdoor, one of the world’s swiftest growing jobs and recruitment websites, regards balancing work and life as one of its most important factors in recruitment. They monitor data on work-life balance annually, and have expressed concern that even for career professionals, work-life balance satisfaction appears to be on the wane.

For those who really can’t pursue something that demands a 24/7 professional commitment, the recruitment specialists have identified 25 key jobs that score highest on a 5-point scale, 1.0 being very dissatisfied; 3.0 being OK, and 5.0 being very satisifed.

Glassdoor compiled the list from the feedback shared with the website during 2015, and here are the jobs with the highest work-life balance (WLB) rating:



Top 10 Jobs for Balancing Work and Life (2015)


1. Data Scientist

WLB Rating: 4.2

Salary: $114,808


2. SEO Manager

WLB Rating: 4.1

Salary: $45,720


3. Talent Acquisition Specialist

WLB Rating: 4.0

Salary: $63,504


4. Social Media Manager

WLB Rating: 4.0

Salary: $40,000


5. Substitute Teacher

WLB Rating: 3.9

Salary: $29,000


6. Recruiting Coordinator

WLB Rating: 3.9

Salary: $44,700


7. UX Designer

WLB Rating: 3.9

Salary: $91,440


8. Digital Marketing Manager

WLB Rating: 3.9

Salary: $70,052


9. Marketing Assistant

WLB Rating: 3.8

Salary: $32,512


10. Web Developer

WLB Rating: 3.8

Salary: $66,040


Data Source: Glassdoor


What is really interesting about this list—and it’s also apparent in the full list of 25 top jobs for work-life balance ratings compiled by Glassdoor—is that there is no direct data correlation between higher salaries and higher work-life balance.

Therefore, a substitute teacher on a salary of $29,000 has an equal self-declared work-life balance with a UX Designer earning over three times that amount.

There are other factors at play here. Lists such as that compiled by Glassdoor are an excellent career path roadmap for those that have work-life balance as a primary objective

However, it’s likely that work-life balance will remain something that is as much in the interests of employees themselves to achieve, as it is in the gift of employers to grant.

Here is a handy guide to help you finding equilibrium between your downtime and your professional life, from E-Learning Infographics via Brandman University.


Within Reach: Finding Work-Life Balance

balancing work and life - Infographic Source: E-LEARNING INFOGRAPHICS

Infographic Source: E-Learning Infographics via BRandman university


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