Q&A with Avi Scheinbaum Founder, CEO of Front and Centre Marketing

Last Updated: May 1, 2020

Choose your confidantes wisely.

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front and center marketing

Avi Scheinbaum is the Founder and CEO of Front & Center Marketing a niche business that focuses on helping health food brands get their product into the mouths of potential customers through sampling, whether that be through coupons or actual tastings at venues.

11 Questions for Founder & CEO of Front and Center Marketing Avi Scheinbaum

Avi has taken time out of his schedule to talk to AGENT about Her business, Her goals and work life balance

1. Briefly tell us how you first got into business, and describe your business goals.

I had always loved food, I knew when I graduated from college that I wanted to be in the food industry. From there I held a variety of positions with start up food brands, in each position there was work that needed to be done but a very small budget to do it. I started F&C in the beginning to be able to provide the service the brands needed instead of them hiring a marketing manager to take a salary and not actually accomplish the work.


2. What age were you when you realised you wanted to run your own business?

I grew up with parents who were ski instructors, we lived in Aspen where all the successful people came for their vacations. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew since I was 10 that I wanted to be in business.


3. Who are your business icons and inspirations?

I have a good friend who has been very successful in opening fast casual pizza restaurants, he has definitely inspired me, and pushed me to not stop because I have obstacle but to think of a solution. I had a boss one time, he didn’t do anything well as a boss but one time he told me – Avi come to me with a solution not a problem. It’s really how I look at everything I do


4. What has been your biggest challenge in business, and how did you surmount it?

I’d say the biggest challenge is riding the waves that come with running a business. When I started all I needed to be successful was a computer and myself, at this point I have a team of employees, salaries, insurance, benefits.. and it all rests on my shoulders. It’s challenging to deal with it all on my own and feel responsible for the lives of so many great people. I deal with it by remembering to stay focused on my goals, continuously improve myself and my business and never take anything for granted. I got to this place because of a lot of hard work and I try to remember to keep going and improving.


5. Work-Life balance: is it possible? How do you achieve it?

I’m a single mom with 2 small kids, so it’s all a balancing act. I work out 5 days a week to keep my sanity, I prioritise the time that I can spend with my kids, and when I’m working I don’t let myself get distracted. I have also built an amazing team under me so I feel comfortable passing things off to them and knowing they will be done right the first time. It allows me to a little space to relax


6. What is the first thing you do every day?

When I have my kids I try to have a calm morning with them, then I go to Crossfit. When I don’t have my kids I get straight to the gym


7. What screen saver picture is currently on your phone?

My almost 5 year old sitting at breakfast colouring a picture, a rare still moment.


8. What is the most important app on your mobile phone, and why?

Slack – I manage a lot of people around the country and it’s the best way to communicate with everyone quickly


9. What is the last thing you googled?

Best Lobster Roll in Boston


10. What item do you never leave the house without, and why?

I hate to say it but my phone, I have lots of trucks, managers and teams and I really don’t ever disconnect


11. What advice would you give to your younger self starting out in business?

Choose your confidantes wisely, I have had a number of people come into my life and steal my business model, each time it happens I feel completely blindsided and wish I had done something different. I am a giver to a fault, so remembering to keep to myself a little more is important.


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