Limerick City to lead the way in Irish entrepreneur education

Last Updated: June 1, 2018

Limerick’s ongoing reinvigoration has received a further boost, with the announcement that the innovative new entrepreneur education facility—the eN Centre for Entrepreneurs—will be opened on the campus of a secondary school in the city centre

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entrepreneur education
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The Irish mid-western capital of Limerick is poised to become a leading national figurehead for entrepreneur education, through the creation of a Centre for Entrepreneurs on a school campus in the city.

entrepreneur education

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eN will radically change the landscape of primary and secondary education in Ireland.”

eN – The Centre for Entrepreneurs is an historic first for the Irish second-level education sector, and will see a startup incubator and innovative learning facility co-located on the campus of Coláiste Mhichíl CBS at Sexton Street in Limerick city centre.

The ecentre will deliver entrepreneurial studies for young adults, and foster entrepreneurial spirit by providing facilities for sharing ideas, skills and resources between entrepreneurs and pupils, and between the young student entrepreneurs.

At the launch of eN, Education Minister, Richard Bruton, predicted that the entrepreneur education centre would be “a model for boosting and nurturing entrepreneurship in both primary and post-primary education across Ireland”, and provide “a platform for the alumni of those schools to start their own business”.

The eproject was led by John Moran, former Secretary General at the Department of Finance, and supported by the Department of Education, the Edmund Rice Schools Trust, Coláiste Mhichíl CBS Sexton Street, and pupils, Limerick Institute of Technology, the Entrepreneurship Academy and Innovate Limerick.


Pictured at the launch: (from left) Dr Philip O’Regan, University of Limerick; Dr Fergal McGrath, University of Limerick; Kevin Meaney, MD, AGENT Media; and Dick Meaney, Former VP, Analog Devices.
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Mr Moran, a past pupil of Sexton Street CBS and founder of RHH International, is committing more than €100,000 to the startup costs of the entrepreneur education centre, in memory of his late father, a Limerick entrepreneur who passed away in 2016.

At the launch, Mr Moran said eN would “radically change the landscape of primary and secondary education” in Ireland, by “connecting formal education with new approaches to learning”.

“We want to transform how children and young adults look at entrepreneurship as a career option,” Mr Moran said.


entrepreneur education

John moran: “it’s time to teach ireland’s future generations that instead of just looking for their dream job, they should look for their dream clients.”
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Nigel Dugdale


It was, he added, “time to teach Ireland’s future generations that instead of just looking for their dream job they should look for their dream clients and learn how to take control of their own destiny by creating a business for themselves and others”.

Chief Executive of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust, Gerry Bennett, declared that the “vision, aim and imagination” of the entrepreneur education centre project would build upon the Trust’s ambitions for all its schools, by “inspiring our students and many others to reach their potential”.

Conn Murray, the Chief Executive of Limerick City and County Council, looked forward to eN bringing together students from diverse backgrounds and different schools with “new entrepreneur role models”.

“This project continues the tradition of innovative approaches to learning led by schools in the region, as we invest in developing the talent of the future,” Mr Murray said.

Coláiste Mhichíl was established by the Christian Brothers at Sexton Street in 1816. eN, the latest chapter in this 200-year educational history, will be housed in a revitalised disused building on the campus, dating from 1828.

The school is one of Limerick’s historic centres of educational excellence and innovation—its alumni include John Philip Holland, inventor of the world’s first working submarine in 1866—and eN is expected to play a significant role in the city’s future, due to entrepreneur education centre’s proximity to ongoing renewal programmes in Limerick, with their emphasis on the SME sector and the renewal of urban spaces.


Video Source: Nigel Dugdale