Q&A with Dean McMahon, Business & Project Manager, Advanced Space Providers

Last Updated: June 1, 2018

Dean McMahon is Business & Project Manager at one of Ireland’s most innovative construction companies, Advanced Space Providers, which provides sustainable, efficient building solutions for clients across a broad range of business sectors. He spoke to AGENT about his business goals and the future of the modular construction sector.

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Advanced Space Providers is one of Ireland’s most respected providers of modular buildings solutions, creating innovative and sustainable construction alternatives in close collaboration with clients across a broad range of business sectors.

“Off-site construction is becoming the future. It’s very satisfying to be working in such a growing industry.”

In the prefabricated or modular buildings process, a facility is constructed off-site, using the same materials, and under the same codes and standards that apply to conventionally built facilities, but in about half the time.

Following a close consultation with the client, the Advanced Space Providers team constructs the buildings in modules, then assembles and integrates them on-site, leaving a purpose-built facility that matches the standards of the most sophisticated site-built extension or building.

Indeed, modular buildings are even stronger than conventional construction, as each component module is built to withstand the rigours of transportation and on-site craning and assembly.

Advanced Space Providers was established almost two decades ago in 1998, and prides itself on its attention to detail throughout its particular modular construction process, working closely with clients from concept to completion and through to after-service.

The company, a premier, client-focused design-and-build modular buildings solutions provider, has endeavoured to stay ahead of the rising curve of the increasingly popular modular construction technique, with continuous training and development for its personnel in safety, quality and technical standards and innovations.



9 Questions for Dean McMahon, Business & Project Manager, Advanced Space Providers

As Business & Project Manager for Advanced Space Providers, Dean McMahon is continuing the traditions of innovation and customer service that have been the hallmark of the company since its foundation in the late 1990s. Exposed to the innovations of the modular buildings sector from an early age, Dean was inspired by these formative beginnings to pursue a B.Sc and M.Sc. in construction management and project management, before joining Advanced Space Providers. He cleared time in his schedule to speak to AGENT about Advanced Space Providers, his business goals, and the potential that modular buildings solutions have for the future of the building industry.


1. Tell us about Advanced Space Providers and your role in the business.

Advanced Space Providers is a dynamic Irish company specialising in the supply of modular pre-engineered building solutions to various industry sectors throughout the Irish economy.

We provide temporary and permanent building solutions that are flexible in design, incredibly robust and secure, without compromising our high levels of quality, comfort or aesthetics. Our adaptable and customisable buildings offer investors and architects limitless possibilities to create bespoke building solutions in terms of design, space efficiency and wellbeing.

My role within the company is as a business & project manager. I oversee all projects from concept stage right through to completion and delivery to the client. I also work closely with the other areas within the business, such as marketing, finance, HR, sales, stakeholder management etc, in order to manage the company’s current and future goals.


2. What are your business goals?

In terms of my individual business goals, I focus on continuous growth and improvement. As I’ve said, I work closely with each role within the business to help me improve my overall knowledge of how a successful business operates. For me, a great business owner or even manager understands every facet of the business, so improving my skills will always be a goal of mine.


3. What is your business background and your earliest experience in business?

I suppose at 25 years old, I’m only just beginning to build my experience within business, but that being said, from a young age I was always drawn to the construction sector. I was always fascinated by how it operates, the collaboration of multiple disciplines, be it architects, engineers, QS, contractors, investors etc, coming together to create the same end result. That’s what makes construction very unique and interesting. I later cemented my interest in the construction sector by completing a B.Sc. & M.Sc. in construction management & project management, to allow me to start my career in this sector.


4. What is the unique selling point or ‘signature’ service of Advanced Space Providers?

We pride ourselves on offering a high quality building solution. We’re constantly updating our construction methods and standards to meet and surpass the current day regulations. For example, we are currently undertaking a project for Greenwich PLC at Georges Quay Plaza, Dublin 2, in which our building solution was selected due to its robust and high quality features. Our building solution was designed and constructed in line with the NZEB regulations.


5. What has been the biggest business challenge Advanced Space Providers has faced, and how have you surmounted it?

Like with all businesses, brand awareness is an area in which there is always room for improvement. We have surmounted this challenge by delivering successful projects time and time again. The best way to promote any business is through customer satisfaction. We stay true to our core business principles to ensure every project is a success.


6. Which Advanced Space Providers achievement are you most proud of, and why?

In January of 2016 we installed an inpatient modular building extension to the Galway Hospice Foundation in Renmore. Working in a sensitive environment such as a hospice setting, it’s very important that great care and attention is given to the design, installation and surroundings. Seeing first-hand the incredible work carried out by staff and volunteers at the Galway Hospice Foundation, it was an honour to be involved in delivering a project that will bring so much good to the community.


7. What gives you the most satisfaction in business generally?

I think it’s because, unlike in a lot of other businesses, you get to see a physical end result. Every project begins with an empty site, and over the course of the project, you see the manufacturing of the modular building system, its delivery to it the site, the installation, and then, of course, the fit-out. Because of off-site construction methods, all this can be achieved in half the time of traditional building methods.

Off-site construction is becoming the future, with the added advantages of cost-saving and time-saving to improve efficiency and safety. It’s very satisfying to be working in such a growing industry.


8. How do you stay motivated and focused?

Goal-setting is a great method for keeping motivated and focused. I set and review goals for both my personal life and work life, and try keeping them in mind as motivational tools.


9. Who are your business or life ‘role models’, and why?

My father has always been my role model. He instilled a great ethic in me from an early age, by encouraging me to pursue anything I wanted. He has passed on so much advice and knowledge on both life and work that I was prepared for any situation.


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