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Workplace Wednesday – Work Selfies (6 Photos)

by Agent Writer

This week’s Workplace Wednesday Work Selfies post is a collection of fabulous selfies—including one taken with acting star Tom Hiddleston—posted to Twitter by AGENTs directly from their workplaces in England, the US, India and Australia.

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AGENT is the Home of Office Selfies. They provide a special behind-the-scenes glimpse of hard-working Change AGENTs all over the world. On AGENT Media’s selfie galleries, the photographs form a virtual global community of Change AGENTs, taking positivity and pride in what they do best.

Office Selfie Celebration

Selfies are a universal language. Everyone understands these self-taken photographs. Everyone enjoys taking them and sharing them on social media. That’s why we give them such pride of place here at AGENT Media. These pictures encapsulate everything that is positive about business, at a glance. They are the pictures that speak a thousand words.

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