Workplace Wednesday (6 Photos)

Last Updated: June 1, 2019

Time for another shout-out to Change AGENTS everywhere. Join us on another continent-hopping tour of the world’s workplaces on social media, to find out what your peers have been getting up to in their places of business.

    by Agent Writer
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Time once again for Workplace Wednesday, our weekly office selfie insight into what your fellow Change AGENTS are up to in their workplaces worldwide. This week we feature companies in Canada, the UK and the US. If you would like to have your office selfie included in future Workplace Wednesday posts, click the link below for submission details.




1. Color Confidential – Toronto, ON, Canada

WPW-KL-09-Color Confidential

image source: twitter

Hosted and written by Jane Lockhart, Colour Confidential is a TV show that follows homeowners who take the risk in changing bland rooms into spaces full of life and colour. The crew took this impressive office selfie in July 2016.



2. Buchanan PR – Philadelphia, PA, USA

WPW-KL-09-Buchanan PR

image source: twitter

From time to time, work involves expeditions off-site, such as in this group selfie posted by the staff of Buchanan PR, a Philadelphia based PR agency, who are enjoying a fun team-building day out to Citizens Bank Park, the home of the Philadelphia Phillies.



3. Ecumen Jobs – USA

WPW-KL-09-Ecumen Jobs

image source: TWITTER

ECUMEN provides services to the elderly people of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, including assisted living, health care centres and rehabilitation programmes. Of course, there is always time for fun and staff bonding, as can be seen from this fun office selfie that was taken during a social occasion for the Ecumen north branch.




4. One Design – Bradford, UK

WPW-KL-09-One Design

image source: twitter

Founded in 2010, architectural and interior design company, One Design, enjoys a reputation as one of the most exciting design groups in the United Kingdom. Their team members are highly prized, and the camaraderie is more than evident in this office selfie, taken at a function to mark one of the employees’ final day at the company.



5. Mississauga 2016 OSG – Mississauga, ON, Canada


image source: twitter

From August 11-14th, 2016, Mississagua hosted its largest ever Ontario Summer Games, welcoming over 3,500 amateur athletes and supporters to the area. The OSG’s volunteers took this impressive selfie during the preparations for the event.



6. White Oaks Resort – Niagara Region, ON, Canada

WPW-KL-09-White Oaks

image source: TWITTER

Staff of the five-star White Oak Resort in the Niagara Region lately enjoyed a team-building expedition to the Silversmith Brewery in Virgil, Niagara, where they took this cool selfie. White Oak Resort is one of the most popular tourism accommodation providers in the region.




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