Workplace Wednesday (7 Photos)

Last Updated: April 27, 2021

Join AGENT on our high-speed tour of the world’s workplaces to find out what your fellow Change AGENTs are getting up to in their places of business.

    by Agent Writer
Image Source: Twitter

This Workplace Wednesday office selfie roundup gives some fun insights into what Change AGENTS have been getting up to in their places of work in Thailand, England, Pakistan and the US.

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1. Greenlight Games – London, England


image source: TWITTER

London-based game design company, Greenlight Games, is an award winning business founded by Dean Day in 2014. Some of the staff at Greenlight posted this office selfie as an answer to a similar picture that was taken by their counterparts who were working on the PC game Colonise.



2. WNCN – Raleigh, NC, USA


image source: TWITTER

In July 2016, staff of North Carolina’s CBS Network News station, WNCN (news reporter Al Janavel, photo journalist Lauren DesArmo and intern Rachel Brittain), posted this group selfie during a break in a news assignment at the State Governor’s mansion.



3.  ARY News – Karachi, Pakistan



Some of the team at ARY News, based in Karachi, Pakistan, pictured in a downtime office selfie. Included in the image are anchors and journalists, Neelum Yousaf and Summaya Rizwan.




4. Siemens


image source: TWITTER

Employees of Europe’s largest engineering business, Siemens, recently convened at a special company gathering in Thailand. Staff from Siemens in Germany, Malaysia, Australia and India were represented at the event.



5. Selenity

WPW-KL-08-Software Europe

image source: TWITTER

Selenity, is a UK based company that provides innovative cloud computing solutions to its customers. In July 2016, some of the personnel at the company posted this picture of the delicious strawberries they enjoyed during a lunch in the countryside.



6. Echo Business Solutions – Charleston, SC, USA


image source: TWITTER

Leading marketplace and sales agency, Echo Business Solutions, demonstrate the strength of the team bond that is so essential in their line of business to maximise the effectiveness of their service to clients.



7. Royal Credit Union – Eau Claire, WI, USA


image source: TWITTER

The Royal Credit Union is one of the most popular places for people of Wisconsin and Minnesota to save their money. The RCU personnel in Eau Claire made use of their selfie stick to post this office selfie of a team treat, in the form of some tasty root beer floats.



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