Workplace Wednesday (7 photos)

Last Updated: July 1, 2018

This week’s Workplace Wednesday post features some of the best ‘office selfies’ shared to social media by AGENTs from across the globe.

    by Agent Writer
WPW-Featured Image-McDowell and Three Hammers
Image Source: @3hammersgolf on Twitter

Our latest Workplace Wednesday office selfie roundup features great workplace photos shared on social media by groups of employees in locations as diverse as the UK, Germany, UAE, South Africa and the US, giving the world an insight into the ethos and culture of their workplaces.

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1. Dark Horse – Berlin, Germany

WPW-KL-03-Dark Horse

Image Source: TWITTER

Berlin company Dark Horse, is an innovative development agency. The inventiveness of the Dark Horse employees even extends to fun things such as this team selfie, for which they use a selfie stick to provide us with a birds-eye view of their office set-up.



2. 3 Hammers Golf – Wolverhampton, UK

WPW-KL-03-3 Hammers Golf

Image Source: TWITTER

3 Hammers Golf, based in Wolverhampton, England is a quality golf complex with a state of the art training academy. Workers at 3 Hammers couldn’t believe their luck when 2010 US Open winner, Graeme McDowell, joined them for this great workplace selfie!



3. Pebbles Project – Western Cape, South Africa

WPW-KL-03-Pebbles Project

Image Source: Twitter

The Pebbles Project is an organisation supporting over 1,000 families in Western Cape, South Africa, through education, health, nutrition, and protection programmes. This office selfie of some of the staff at Pebbles Project gives an insight into the positivity with which they undertake their programmes.




4. Travel Planners International – Maitland, FL, USA

WPW-KL-03-Travel Planners Int


Travel host agency, Travel Planners International, are located in Maitland, Florida. Here, members of the Travel Planners crew take a minute to let their hair down prior to a training exercise, by posting this office selfie.



5. Simon Nicholas Associates – Nottingham, UK


Image Source: TWITTER

With over 50 years’ experience, Simon Nicholas Associates is a dedicated UK national construction recruitment business, which specialises in temporary and permanent positions. The team at Simon Nicholas posted this office selfie during a quick break from their busy schedule.



6. Milestone Creative – Buckinghamshire, UK

WPW-KL-03-Milestone Creative


In May 2016, the guys at Milestone Creative, based in Buckinghamshire, took this lovely shot whilst on a walk during a lunch break. Milestone Creative is a brand communication agency which emphasises building close, long-term relationships with its clients.



7. Powermatic – Dubai, UAE


Image Source: TWITTER

Powermatic is a micro-automation company located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The staff of Powermatic gathered together for a super-sized team selfie at their production facilities at the Jebel Ali Free Zone.