Workplace Wednesday (8 Photos)

Last Updated: June 1, 2019

It’s time to join us in another trans-global office selfie roundup from social media in our weekly Workplace Wednesday shout-out to Change AGENTs everywhere.

    by Agent Writer
160816 Workplace Wednesday AGENT-160816-Workplace Wednesday

Let’s mark another Workplace Wednesday, with an international office selfie roundup that encompasses Change AGENTs in workplaces based in locations as far flung from one another as Pakistan, South Africa, Switzerland, the UK and the US. If you would like to have your office selfie included in future Workplace Wednesday posts, click the link below for submission details.




1. BBC Urdu – Islamabad, Pakistan

Workplace Wednesday - AGENT-160816-WPW-KL-10-BBC-Urdu

image source: twitter

Islamabad-based news station, BBC Urdu, is one of the top live news sources for the people of Pakistan. Here are some of the BBC Urdu staff giving their audience a glimpse behind the news production scenes.



2. Avvo – Seattle, WA, USA

160816 Workplace Wednesday WPW-KL-10-Avvo

image source: TWITTER

AVVO.COM is an online legal services marketplace that has ratings, reviews and disciplinary records for lawyers in every state in the US. The mobile team at Avvo ‘rested the case’ for team-bonding with this fun office selfie that they posted to Twitter during a group work session.



3. CN&CO – Johannesburg, South Africa

Workplace Wednesday - 160816 - WPW-KL-10-CN&CO


CN&CO is a lifestyle business, specialising in marketing and branding. It’s a people-centric business whose success stems from fully recognising the power and importance of the people around us. This Johannesburg crew enjoys leavening the serious business of work from time to time, and here the CN&CO personnel give us a glimpse into their R&R time with this post-meeting office selfie, taken at the conclusion of a meeting in July 2016.



4. NCS West – South West England, UK

Workplace Wednesday - 160816 - WPW-KL-10-NCS


Youth development program, National Citizens Service, gives young people an opportunity to experience incredible things and learn invaluable life skills. Here, the guys from NCS West organised an office selfie with their colleagues at Activate Camps, a summer camp group, during a recent meet up.




5. Working Word – Cardiff, UK

160816 Workplace Wednesday WPW-KL-10-Working Hard


Cardiff-based PR agency, Working Word, are leaders in media relations and search engine optimisation. Here, employees of the firm managed to arrange themselves into one frame for a social media snapshot during a recent company dinner..



6. True Blue Media – Houston, TX, USA

Workplace Wednesday - 160816 - WPW-KL-10-True Blue Media


Full service web-design and marketing company, True Blue Media, is located in Philadelphia. Personnel from the company made great use of the selfie for this workplace snapshot that they posted to social media in July 2016.



7. Cheshire Police – UK

Workplace Wednesday - 160816 - WPW-KL-10-Cheshire Police


In July 2016, this selfie was posted from a recruiting stall set up by the Cheshire Police in a busy street of their hometown. The Cheshire Police Constabulary was founded in 1857 and serves over a million people spread across 919 square miles, from urban to rural areas.


8. Nexthink – Lausanne, Switzerland

160816 Workplace Wednesday WPW-KL-10-Nexthink


Nexthink is a Lausanne, Switzerland, based company that aims to transform IT departments into one that offers a much more well rounded service that is delivered to the business end-users. Staff of Nexthink took this team picture whilst in attendance at the 2016 BriForum.




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