10 Amazingly Creative Office Interiors in Dublin

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

Irish capital city Dublin has some amazingly eclectic and imaginative offices dotted throughout its streets, with employee morale and engagement obviously well to the fore in the designers’ minds. Here is AGENT’s guide to 10 of the best.

by Agent Staff
creative office interiors Cool Offices - Dublin 7

Check out these 10 creative office interiors based in the Irish capital city, Dublin. Renowned for its culture, sense of fun and business ingenuity, Dublin’s energy seeps through this inspiring selection of offices, which are among the most imaginatively work environments in the world.


1. Primark, Dublin

creative office interiors - Cool Offices - Dublin 1

Image Source: MoreySmith / Photography: Donal Murphy

Primark’s international headquarters were designed by MoreySmith, linking an early-20th century listed building and a 1990s development seamlessly. The design is notable for its use of glass in walls, the ceiling and railings, so that the maximum light is let in—very important with those frequently grey Irish skies! Staff facilities include a canteen, multiple snack bars and flexible meeting spaces.



2. Verve, Dublin

creative office interiors - Cool Offices - Dublin

Image Source: Office Snapshots Photography: Donal Murphy

Dublin Communications firm Verve has one of the most original and creative office interiors in the city. There are numerous unique features, such as a vintage Citroen that acts as a meeting pod, a treehouse and graffiti-emblazoned walls. These quirky touches counteract the clean white space around them, creating a truly modern workplace.



3. Airbnb, Dublin

creative office interiors - Cool Offices - Dublin 3

Image Source: Interior Design Fair Photography: Ed Reeve

Airbnb has gone from strength to strength in the past few years, and the company’s Dublin offices reflect its status as a fresh new business that is also a major player in the online industry. This creative office interior was designed by Interior Design Fair, featuring meeting rooms inspired by actual Airbnb listings and an Irish-pub themed reception area.



4. Google, Dublin

creative office interiors - Cool Offices - Dublin 4

Image Source: Google

Google has become famous for its incredible offices worldwide, and the Dublin branch is no exception. This imaginative office pays tribute to Ireland with a pub-themed lunch area and meeting rooms named The Burren and St. Stephen’s Green. Employees enjoy the use of an enviable amount of facilities with music rooms, 5 cafes and 40 micro-kitchens.



5. Zendesk, Dublin

creative office interiors - Cool Offices - Dublin 5

Image Source: Zendesk Photography: Donal Murphy

In all its offices across the world, Zendesk uses the same design standard, developed by Design Blitz. This includes a lime green, white and soft wood colour palette and a largely open plan space. Glass walls and ceiling maximise sunlight, while exposed pipes provide an industrial feel. The office features a cafe area, a snack bar and a large meeting room, as well as plenty of desk space.



6. Realex, Dublin

creative office interiors - Cool Offices - Dublin 6

Image Source: Glassdoor

Realex Payments boast a particularly creative office interior that, throughout, pays tribute to the brand’s Irish roots. A pub-themed lounge area provides a great place for employees and clients to chat and a pool table gives staff a way to unwind. Elsewhere in the office, clean white and orange decor and open-plan desk area gives the space a modern feel.



7. Ryanair, Dublin

creative office interiors - Cool Offices - Dublin 7

Image Source: John Paul

Budget airline Ryanair spared no expense no its Dublin headquarters. Built by John Paul Construction, the workplace contains plenty of fun features such as a slide, exercise equipment, meeting pods and a fun, bright cafeteria.



8. Facebook, Dublin

creative office interiors - Cool Offices - Dublin 8 Facebook

Image Source: TOTP Architects

Facebook is currently one of the most exciting brands in the world, so it’s fitting that they should have inspiring office spaces. Their Dublin headquarters has plenty of meeting pods made out of distressed wood and a canteen area that looks more like a restaurant. Curved shapes and rustic decor throughout adds a unique touch.



9. Price Waterhouse Coopers, Dublin

creative office interiors - Cool Offices - Dublin 9 PWC

When it comes to employee facilities, PWC’s offices are on a whole new level. Designed by Henry J Lyons, the brand’s Dublin offices boast a 400 seat restaurant, an impressive gym and a client suite with views of the Liffey. The space is notably glass-filled and airy, with bright splashes of colour maintaining a fun working environment.



10. CKSK, Dublin

creative office interiors - Cool Offices - Dublin 10 CKSK

Image Source: Facebook

CKSK, a digital agency on Dublin’s South William Street, has an exceptionally beautiful office with a cool urban feel throughout. Perhaps the highlight is a bar with a variety of beer on tap, and TV screens to watch matches on. Friday pints have never been so easy!


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